Manufacturing of Signage

iSpace is a proud Australian company established in 2001 which consists of a team of leading sign-making professionals. Signage manufacturing is our core competency. Our “one-of-a-kind” products are unique in every sense of the word. Our capabilities redefine what’s possible in custom signage for the built environment with outcomes more akin to high-end jewellery like than the average signage end-results.

Our team of experienced signage experts possess both the knowledge and the know-how, at reading architectural drawings and schedules, to design and manufacture signs and graphics that suit any built environment. We have the skills and expertise to be able to execute signage ideas and concepts. Our production team utilises precision machinery to make sure our signs are a perfect fit across a diverse range of industries.

We begin our bespoke fabrication service with an in-depth consultation to understand every aspect of what you want to achieve. With a commitment to precision, dedication, and an unwavering eye for detail, we know-how to anticipate obstacles and design solutions fit for purpose. At the forefront of the signage industry, with our high-tech state-of-the-art factory, our manufacturing processes are expertly combined to make endless options of all types of metal and illuminated signs.

Our commitment to dedication is reflected in our rigorous approach to every project, from the identification of suitable materials to meeting specific manufacturing specifications and requirements. We are able to execute the project from concept to implementation. We control every aspect of your signage project and are able to keep you updated throughout the entire process. We control our turn around times, which ensure our clients can have their work completed without delay.

At iSpace with our full manufacturing capabilities, with decades of expertise provide architects, designers, and interior designers with the ability to bring their ideas to life using custom fabrication for any application. We have gained an in-depth understanding of the intricate processes involved in creating modern high-quality signs. We all about new ideas and innovation ,which means your design is only limited by your imagination.  Uncompromising on quality and offering impeccable service, we set the industry benchmark for signage and fabrication.  

Signage manufacturing is closely connected with engineering, especially in the development of complex and technologically advanced signs. Custom signage prototyping enables us to test signage design possibilities, within the limitations of chosen materials. Industrial design ensures we meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. Signage prototyping also saves you money by helping you make effective design decisions before custom fabrication commences. Once we have agreed on the final design we have reached the signage specification stage, all the details are very clearly laid out and signed-off before the manufacturing stage begins.

iSpace takes a rigorous approach to identifying suitable materials, we use a variety of machines, processes and artants skills to manufacture our signage ranges including:

CNC router machines that engrave or cut metals, timbers and thick foam pvc and all types of substates.
Welding of stainless steel
Metal folding
Welding of aluminium
ACM sheet machining & fabrication
LED illuminated lightbox in custom shapes
Brass fabrication
Laser engraving
Welding of structural steel
Laser cutting
Steel & aluminium fabrication
Acrylic fabrication
Digital printing
Vinyl cutting
Neon glass which is being bent & shaped according to a layout pattern
2-Pac painting
Powder coating facilities are also available.

Our expert manufacturing team with a relentless pursuit of excellence, begin to work on the signage solution, at the highest level of quality and commitment, optimising the processes of creating signage within the timeline promised. The completed signage once passed out of the internal quality control program is ready for final installation. The signs are securely packaged and delivered to site handled by our project management team, which handles the logistics & transport of the signage, to ensure it safely reaches the site for installation.  

Being established in the signage industry, giving our clients the confidence, comfort and “peace of mind” in our ability to deliver exceptional results. If you got a wildly unusual or complex signage project that’s no problem for us. Having been providing businesses all over Australia with top quality signage, making us a trusted name in the sign fabrication, rest assured you are in safe hands. 

Contact us today to embark on a creative journey that transforms your ideas into artistic signage masterpieces.