Engraved Brass Signs

Engraved brass signs stand out as a timeless and universally recognised choice for identification signs, leaving a lasting impression. The engraving process ensures permanence, making them a prominent presence in the Australian market.

These engraved brass plaques, exuding timeless elegance, find applications in medical suites, dental practices, and building offices. Placed strategically, they allow tenants to visually communicate their presence while maintaining a sophisticated message that complements the architectural design and ambiance of the area. Particularly useful in situations where a variety of coloured logos are not necessary, these plaques suit building owners or councils aiming to preserve a heritage status and adhere to the aesthetics of the original era.

Primarily situated outside building entrances or dedicated heritage sites, these classic and traditional style plaques or business nameplates are especially popular in smaller spaces where colour branding is not a requirement.

Known for their traditional appeal and jewellery-like appearance, precision-engraved brass plaques are not only beautiful but also durable, temperature-resistant, and reliable, adding an upmarket feel to any space. Crafted with precision and care by skilled artisans at iSpace, these plaques are made to last, becoming cherished heirlooms.

Custom-made to meet specific requirements, iSpace offers these brass plaques in either a mirror-polished or brushed hairline finish, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences. With a unique decorative touch, these engraved brass plaques, adorned with a classy gold finish and rich black UV stable infill, convey a message of quality and confidence.

Deeply engraved, these plaques seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, making them a perfect choice for commemorative or memorial plaques recognising milestones. The engraved text, meticulously filled in black creating a striking contrast against the polished or brushed brass surface, not only enhances readability  but also contributes to the overall visual appeal of the plaque. For those seeking personalisation, the paint filling can be customised to match specific branding and logo identification, allowing businesses and organisations to seamlessly integrate these identification signs into their visual identity.

iSpace caters to various budget considerations by offering engraved brass plaques in different thicknesses – 2 mils, 3 mils, and 5 mils. This flexibility ensures that clients can choose the right option based on their needs, with metals available in various sizes (2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm) and deep-etched for a premium look.

Custom-made with personalisation options, these brass engraved signs come in round, square, or rectangular shapes with square or rounded corners and beveled edges if required. They serve as the perfect way to honour achievements or convey important messages, enriching the aesthetic quality of the spaces they adorn.

Taking the design a step further, iSpace offers premium mounting options using clear perspex on the back of the plaque providing a raised-edge look to disguise all the fixing points. , adding sophistication and practicality. Additionally, if required, these plaques can be placed on timber blackboards.

Addressing concerns about outdoor brass plaques located near the ocean can quickly oxidise and rust. This is a real problem which the consumer does not understand or realise and needs to be addressed correctly. Most sign manufacturers use a clear paint coat to try and prevent or prolong the oxidation factor but this will break down and fail. iSpace recommends our patented process using protective nanotechnology on marine-grade stainless steel with electroplating to brass. This not only maintains the appearance of brass ( the finish product to the naked eye looking identical to brass), but also ensures longevity  for maximum value with minimal maintenance  to stand the test of time.

To secure these identification signs, iSpace provides two reliable methods – classic welded pin fixings for a more permanent fixture or 3M double-sided and industrial silicon for a versatile and reliable solution. Regardless of the choice, clients can expect a hassle-free experience, with meticulously crafted plaques shipped internationally along with comprehensive installation instructions.

While catering to the local market, the company also extends its services internationally, shipping meticulously crafted plaques along with comprehensive installation instructions. Clients can expect a hassle-free experience, receiving identification signs that are ready to apply, complete with mounting solutions.

Based in Sydney, iSpace stands out as a leading player in design, manufacturing, and installation, committed to quality and design excellence, making it a reliable choice for businesses seeking timeless signage solutions delivered on time and within budget.

brass-plaque-with-paint-filled-logo-and text

Engraved Brass Sign with black paint fill

In the corridors of financial expertise, first impressions resonate deeply. For a distinguished financial services company, the quest was clear: a sign that not only bore its name but echoed its legacy of precision and sophistication. Brushed finish brass signs are a masterpiece of craftsmanship and intent. The brushed finish sheen, suggesting both resilience and refinement. The precision of the engraving, capturing the company's name with clarity and depth, stands as a testament to both artistry and commitment to excellence.


Mirror polished brass engraved sign with clear acrylic base

In the design of metal plaques, the choice of materials often defines the narrative. What transcends the ordinary is a mirror-polished brass plaque paired harmoniously with a clear acrylic base plate, its edges gleaming with polished precision. This pairing is no mere coincidence but a deliberate fusion of elegance and innovation. The brass, with its radiant sheen and mirror-like finish stands as a testament to craftsmanship and a nod to tradition. Complementing this radiant brass is the clear acrylic base, its frame polished to perfection. This dual-material design introduces a captivating 3D dimensional brilliance. 


Signs in a brushed Brass finish with off white logo

In the meticulous process of crafting a brass plaque, every stage holds significance, but perhaps none more so than the protective finish. As artisans meticulously shape and detail the brass, the last essential step is coating in clear 2 pac automotive finish. It's a shield, a barrier meticulously designed to mimic the clarity of glass. This automotive-grade protection serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it accentuates the inherent beauty of the brass, enhancing its radiant glow and ensuring every detail shines through. Secondly, and more crucially, it acts as a formidable defence against the elements.


Heavy duty brass engraved sign in Kings Cross

Amidst the vibrant location of Kings Cross, a gleaming testament to legacy we manufactured a large, mirror-polished engraved plaque, crafted to capture both attention and admiration. Every detail of the plaque resonates with precision and care. The mirror-polished surface reflects the surrounding, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. Its size commands presence, ensuring that its message is not missed. The plaque has been safeguarded with a clear 2 pac paint. This resilient shield not only preserves the plaque's pristine finish but also ensures its exterior longevity. 


Brushed finish circular shaped engraved brass sign

In the world of visual communication, few materials display a sense of timeless elegance quite like brass. Our plaques boasts the rich allure of brass but also showcases intricate paint-filled symbols, encased within a distinctive round silhouette. The journey of creating these masterpieces begins with precision laser cutting the metal into the unique round shape. The meticulous engraving process ensues, etching symbols with a depth that resonates with significance. The finishing touch a brushed finish is applied, imparting a subtle texture that both captivates the eye. 


Mirror finished plaque displayed at international hotel entrance

In the world of luxury hospitality, every detail speaks volumes. For international hotel brands, crafting an ambiance of unparalleled elegance and opulence is paramount. High mirror shine plaques transforms spaces into sanctuaries of luxury. These plaques, with their gleaming surfaces, are statements. Anchoring this statement is a meticulously crafted 3D logo shape, rising in relief from the plaque's surface. This tactile addition not only adds depth but also reinforces brand identity. For international hoteliers, the choice of brass is deliberate to experiences that are nothing short of five-star perfection.


Satin finish brass metal with engraved message

In settings where safety is paramount, such as industrial zones, laboratories, or public spaces,  satin-finished brass custom signage shine, both literally and figuratively. Brass engraved signs speak volumes without uttering a word. This is the artistry and functionality of engraving, a process that transforms brass into a tactile medium of communication. While brass's innate elegance is undeniable, its resilience makes it an ideal choice for informative messages. These signs stand as reminders of vigilance, where aesthetics meet functionality. 


Fabricated irregular Brass Letters

In the heart of Australia's design landscape, a collaboration unfolded that seamlessly melded function with finesse. A prominent hotel group sought a wayfinding solution that would not only guide but also captivate. A series of engraved signs were created marrying the rugged resilience of stainless steel with the timeless elegance of brass. Each sign with a combination of material blends with intricate engravings, detailing paths and destinations. While the stainless steel offered durability and a contemporary edge, the brass brought warmth and a touch of luxury. For a hotel group committed to excellence, these signs are statements of a  commitment to quality.


Brass Signs popular choice for doctors plaques

In the world of medicine, trust is paramount. Across continents, a universal symbol emerges, one that commands respect and assures the public of expertise: the brass doctor plaque. These iconic markers are steep in tradition. Crafted with precision and bearing the weight of qualifications, each brass plaque narrates a story of dedication and a commitment to healthcare excellence. These plaques are universal emblems of medical proficiency. Their gleaming surfaces, engraved with names and qualifications, resonate with a sense of reliability and authority.


Brass signs designed & manufactured for Dr's practice's

iSpace, renowned for its commitment to excellence, has etched its mark in the domain of crafting high-quality brass plaques that adorn doctor practices worldwide. Each sign, born from iSpace's meticulous design ethos, is a testament to craftsmanship and dedication. From the initial blueprint to the final installation, every step resonates with precision and care, ensuring that each plaque not only reflects the doctor's credentials but also iSpace's unwavering standards. iSpace has seamlessly integrated logistics and ships worldwide with user-friendly installation instructions.


Special effects on brass engraved signs

For a distinguished hotel group, the quest for refined elegance led to a collaboration that reimagined traditional brass signage. iSpace manufactured a series of exquisite brass plaques, bearing not just finely engraved text but also a unique, clear pattern overlay, serving as a distinctive identification symbol. Each plaque with intricate detailing, finds its place across the hotel's numerous locations. Whether guiding guests to their rooms with delicately engraved door numbers or seamlessly integrating with the architecture for way-finding, these brass signs are custom made to resonate with both luxury and clarity.


Brass engraved sign with multi-coloured paint in-fills

At the intersection of craftsmanship and creativity, where brass signs transcend their classic style and look, we can custom make brass engraved sign with multi-colour paint inserts. Our skilled designers and metal fabrication artisans with a deep understanding of graphics and an unwavering commitment to excellence, masterfully perfecting the delicate process of paint filling. The marriage of brass with paint fill transforms signage into art. For those seeking signage that stands apart, that captures attention while conveying a message, our brass signs, available with a rainbow of colours, stand as shining examples of innovation in craftsmanship.


Brass signs drying during the protective coating stage

In the meticulous journey of crafting brass signs longevity is key. The application of clear 2 pac paint is critical. This protective layer, while invisible to the eye, serves as a shield, protecting the brass against weather elements. For the paint to achieve a radient finish the protective coating needs to be applied in a dust-free booth. Inside this controlled environment, the signs are left to dry, unhindered by external pollutants. It's often the unseen processes that yield the most profound results. 


Custom made brass security signs for a private estate

In a residential estate, the details often speak the loudest. iSpace undertook to craft signage that would mirror the estate's essence of sophistication and serenity. The brass signs, meticulously designed, manufactured, and installed, bearing a distinctive touch with rounded corners. The curved look with the black boarder offers a softer silhouette against the backdrop of architectural elegance, ensuring a harmonious blend with the estate's aesthetic. Designed for exterior use as warning signs to intruders. 


Legacy in brass, crafting timeless signage for heritage buildings

Amidst the grandeur of heritage architecture, every detail tells a story, and every element echoes the whispers of the past. Tasked with the honour of crafting signage for such a revered edifice, iSpace rose to the challenge, delivering brass signs that resonate with both grandiosity and gravitas. An extra-large piece of brass was sourced and crafted with a substantial 5mm thickness, pins were meticulously welded to the back used to anchoring securely anchor the sign into the wall surface. 


Brass signs at the forefront of surveillance

In the corridors of elite buildings, the essence of security often intertwines with sophistication. Brass signage a subtle yet potent declaration that one's actions are under the watchful eye of CCTV. These brass signs transform surveillance alerts into statements of elegance. Crafted with precision and bearing the timeless allure of brass, each sign is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. The richness of the metal, paired with meticulously engraved warnings, serves as a gentle reminder of the building's unwavering commitment to safety. Protection need not compromise on elegance and can be communicated with grace.


Brass signage at the heart of Sydney's corporate epicenter

Nestled amidst the architectural of Phillips St in Sydney's bustling CBD stands a heritage-listed building, a testament to the city's storied past. A brass sign bridges tradition with modernity, serving as the unmistakable marker of a company listed on the ASX. The choice of brass, with its enduring elegance, resonates with the building's historic charm. Yet, upon its surface, the company's corporate logo gleams, an emblem of its stature and legacy in the corporate realm. For those navigating the streets of Sydney, the six brass sign on Phillips St can be viewed from the street should you wish to inspect the quality of our work. 


Precision and prestige brass signage reflecting global excellence

Brass signs can become iconic statements of identity. For world-renowned brands, such as Porsche, the choice of material and design is paramount. When replicating their iconic logo in brass, perfection is the only acceptable standard. Every curve, every line was made with unparalleled craftsmanship. The result transcends mere signage to becomes  statement piece, a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence. Whether gracing the entrance of a showroom, dealership, or headquarters, these signs command attention, encapsulating the essence of the brands they represent.


The pinnacle of brass craftsmanship with a timeless legacy

Luxury signage, where tradition meets innovation, our patented process is a groundbreaking technique treating brass signs with a special aged look. This exclusive method elevates each sign to a masterpiece, encapsulating the allure of contemporary sophistication. For discerning hotel groups, this technique offers an unparalleled edge. The brand name sits in a 3D format beyond the plaque's 5mm face level which has intricate engraving on a robust metal. The effect is mesmerising, commanding attention with its depth, detail, and distinct aged finish.These brass signs are legacies, cast in brass and etched in time.


The artistry of aged brass signs with microscopic precision

Our exclusive technique, crafting brass signs with a special aged appearance, draws viewers attention where elegance meets cutting-edge precision. Each sign, bathed in the soft glow of its aged finish, ultra-fine engraving techniques capture every nuance, every delicate curve and serif of the font and text design artwork. Such meticulous artistry with every stroke of the engraving tool, every whisper-thin line etched into the brass, speaks volumes of a commitment to perfection. Signage; they are tactile memories, tactile tales told in metal, where every detail whispers of a timed-honoured tradition of excellence.


Guiding couriers with brass plaques on Phillip st, Sydney

In the intricate maze of urban deliveries, clarity is paramount. Along the distinguished stretch of Phillip Street, brass plaques stand as beacons of guidance for couriers navigating the bustling cityscape. Expertly crafted and strategically placed, these plaques elegantly inform couriers that their destined deliveries find their final destination via 39 Phillip Street. Combining functionality with enduring elegance, each plaque not only facilitates seamless deliveries but also pays homage to the street's esteemed heritage.


Brushed brass signage with braille signage

We specialise in crafting bespoke Braille signs, elevating them to a realm of luxury and precision with the timeless allure of brass. Each sign meticulously adheres to stringent codes, featuring raised symbols that not only meet but exceed regulatory standards. Beyond mere functionality, these exclusive high-end brass braille signs stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to seamlessly merging accessibility with elegance, ensuring every individual is empowered with dignity and grace in navigation.


Brass signs with engraved contrast in circular elegance

Amidst the myriad of signage one shape emerges with undeniable presence, the round brass sign. Radiating a unique charm, this circular emblem stands as a testament to timeless design and craftsmanship. Each sign meticulously crafted from brass, bears intricately engraved details elevated further with a striking black paint fill. This contrasting palette not only accentuates the sign's design but also ensures heightened visibility and distinction. In the realm of signage, these round brass creations are statements of sophistication, capturing attention leaving an impression.


A Tribute in brass honouring the Minister of Education with prestige

In the corridors of remembrance and honour, a distinguished tribute emerges with a meticulously crafted brass sign to honor the Minister of Education. This gleaming brass sign, etched with reverence and respect, stands poised atop a beveled wooden base. This wooden foundation not only elevates the brass plate, lending it a stately prominence, but also infuses the tribute with an aura of prestige and first-class distinction. As a symbol of gratitude and admiration, this brass ensemble serves as a lasting testament to leadership.

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