Complex & Ultra Premium Unique Lightbox Creations

Custom illuminated signage is an opportunity to not only inform and instruct, but to ignite the senses and truly connect with the person viewing the unique illuminated creation.  As a multi-award winning Australian company we pride ourselves on a personalised service starting from the initial design phase, the first step is for us to understand your company and your brands story.We design a solution by providing strategic advice by merging brand expression, standards, and form to create totally unique, beautiful, high-quality illuminated signage solutions.

We apply our extensive knowledge of exterior and interior conditions to custom-make your illuminated signage creation as a bespoke one-off solution resulting in a terrific meticulous creation, to ultimately increasing foot traffic and boosting your brand image.

Our comprehensive services encompass: This includes designing and creating eye catching signage that illuminate to alert, engage, educate, entertain, inform, invite, tease, or simply converse.

Our multi-sensory custom illuminated sign experiences are based on your vision and purpose, connecting your staff, guests, customers, and stakeholders to an authentic brand experience guaranteeing a perfect fit for a lasting impression.We offer intricate to-scale drawings and prototypes for larger projects ( designing “kit-of-part” systems) , ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision.

While manufacturing our totally unique complex light-boxes, we craft push through style illuminated effects and fabricate our metal signage structures using the finest components, these include backlit, front-lit creations in varied LED light glowing options, to create subtle low shadow lighting or vibrant brightly lit illuminated signage available in all types of sizes and complexities for the built environment. We manufacture our products ensuring Australian standards for quality and safety are adhered to.

If your objective is to inspire, influence and change behaviours, we understand the significance of creating complex, ultra-premium light boxes to enhance your brands identity. Custom illuminated signage transcends the ordinary and becomes an extraordinary expression of your brand. Trust us to illuminate your brand & elevate your presence. Our signs go beyond expectations, built to last with rust-proof materials ensuring they will be long term investments.

What sets us apart is we create experiences to remember. 


Custom light-box with a triple bent metal aesthetic feature.

Beyond the ordinary type of creation an extremely unique 1 off ultra-premium light-box with a copper metal sheen with a specilised fluted acrylic face with three dimensional toilet icon pictograms.


Cantilevered double-sided light-box with 3D branding

A matt black face designed especially to protrude the light-box constrains with contrasting logo details in a pushed through style illumination technique. It's eye catching, engaging, stylish and informative offering visual brilliance. 


Cantilever slim hanging light-box with art-deco features

A custom built to fit double sided light-box, purposely designed to match the art-deco style heritage architecture. With a art-deco style bracket fixing plate with a spherical detail on the mounting pole, resulting in a light-box with craftsmanship beyond the ordinary.  


Way-finding project in a gold metal mirror finish with engraving

A large scale production run of a unique and complexed curvature illuminated way-finding signage project, incorporating specialised detailed engraving to contrast the mirror polish. The illuminated numbers are designed to protrude the circumference of the exterior of these complexed detailed signs. 


Ultra-premium light-box with fabricated mirror polished lettering

Six large cantilevered protruding illuminated sign installed at the Royal Randwick Hotel in Sydney. The three dimensional fabricated mirror polished letters, have a back-lit glow feature to add a level of sophistication. The construction of the boxes were designed with removal face panels which protrude the light-box body section for easy maintenance.  


Outdoor vip gaming signage with a moving led lighting effect

iSpace completed very large contract involving this Vip Lounge illuminated Signs design specially for the Solotel Group. This project was a two year commitment and entailed locations across NSW. These brilliant bespoke gaming signs captured people's attention and increased the group's turnover substantially. 


Ultra-premium vip lounge light-box in production phase

Working closely in conjunction with the client, this project consisted of a number of illuminated gaming signage for the Quarryman's Hotel located in Pyrmont, Sydney. The VIP detailed section consists of brass fabricated letters with a brushed effect designed to have a back glow illumination. The photo was taken in our state of the art signage factory. The design incorporated a contrast in a red and black theme with flashing led lighting to create moving and energy to attract people into the gaming lounge.  


Unique three sided illuminated sign in black metal

The idea behind this project was to mimic a traditional vertical light fitting so it blends with the architecture in a seamless manner. The signage message being on three sided creates an excellent exposure so the viewer can easily identify the navigate the environment. The bottom bracket has a 90 degree tubular style bend top allow the lighting feature to stand off the wall surface in an elegant manner. The metal three dimensional letters match the slick trim with visual brilliance. 


Premium outdoor light-box with a curved edge shape face

Located on the world famous Bondi beach this iconic masterpiece was designed, manufactured and installed by iSpace. The client wanted a very high-end bespoke creation to compliment the stylish interior leaving a lasting impression. The speedos logo was fabricated with a backlit lighting in a 3d design so it’s raised with a touch of brilliance to highlight the famous logo people identify with. The extra-ordinary iconic sign creation needed to be fully rustproof and durability to withstand the extreme ocean environment. The primary message being the speedos famous logo due to it's location.  


Brass metal way-finding light-box frame with illumination

The emphasis on this way-finding light-box signage was the metal framework detail being in brass, consisting of two individual sides which form together on a centre illuminated strip in opal perspex. This fine detail adds a dash of thought to standing out as something different. The client wanted simple graphics applied to the reverse side of the acrylic so the faces remain as a gloss finish. This construction is designed to be user friendly and easy to maintain. 


Brass back-lit 3D lettering mounted to an edgeless slim frame

Every Sign tells a story depending on it's intension. This extra large dental sign has a very clinical overall aesthetic presence. Incorporating brushed brass 3D fabricated metal lettering with a soft glow of illumination through the acrylic backset. This style of lettering is regarded as beyond the ordinary due to the detailed craftsmanship involved in manufacture. Achieving a professional look with extra visual appeal to stand-out with distinction. 


Visually brilliant way-finding brass metal signage

This highly sophisticated brass way-finding illuminated light-box sign with a brushed brass finish has intra-cut pictogram icons laid into the front and back faces of this unique masterpiece. The construction method entailed a jewellery style level of perfection where there is no visible attachments. The slight blue interlayer is a subtle addition to the narrative.  


Omega double sided cantilever projecting light-box sign

A world renowned brand takes illuminating their branding and signage very seriously, using top notch materials and cutting edge technology to captivate passing traffic in high destiny areas. A simplistic idea using a dark bronze light-box shell with protruding metal faces and contrasting bold illuminated white push through perspex lettering. The elegances creates an eye catching statement, radiating charm in a stylish laidback interpretation in the way the brand has been brought to life leaving a lasting impression. 


Extra large led sign with push through illuminated lettering

This project consisted of many different visual improvements to Sydney West Aesthetics overall branding appearance. We brought to life a feature wall creation, 4x Slim line light-boxes with inter-changeable graphics and this large exterior billboard style illuminated sign taking this brand to a new height. The lightbox has an intricate and complex logo butterfly shape creating an artistic excellence. To balanced the busy logo with the same colour scheme on a simple white satin rectangular shaped creation. 


Wall mounted projecting light-box with curved shaped edges.

This light-box with curved edges has a stylish aesthetic appeal crafted with a slick look in mind. The softer feel to the edges gives off a sign with more character to add a level of brilliance. This fully illuminated back-lit double sided lightbox was engineered with highly quality materials and a flawless paint finish. It's extra brightly lit face panels illumination, helps captivate the attention of the consumer both day and night. Being a very simple but effective appearance for this brand. 


Slimline style light-box with push through logo illumination

Mounted inside the entrance window this very large slim style lightbox sign with push through three dimensional lettering has internal led lighting illuminating the logo details. This is a sign where quality meets creativity, lighting up there business in a high density area in Darling Harbour, Sydney. This highly exposes the business both day and night. The message was keep very simple for maximum impact. iSpace were very meticulous in it's attention to detail offering a practical easy to maintain sign. 


Mirror polished stainless steel lettering light-box creation

Mirror polished stainless steel "chrome" finish is globally recognised as a "top notch" creation in the signage industry. Designed to perfectly compliment the highly modern architecture of the buildings facade. This iconic statement piece was made with a  meticulous attention to detail bringing strategic thinking with real world practicality. This extremely high-tech sign radiates and projects a ultra modern design excellence to uplift the ambience of the building entrance way. This project went above and beyond in exceeding the clients expectation. 


Numerous copper light-box signs in final production

Custom-made durable personalised light-boxes in a brushed copper finish, created for a unique brand. Our expert craftsmanship was utilised in sculpting and machining using cutting edge equipment and extra-ordinary artisan skills to create flawless bespoke light-box signs with curved radius sides, where innovation meets visibility. iSpace have the capabilities to produce large quantities in short turn around times, with our dedicated team of qualified passionate staff members. 


High-tech sign incorporating metal lettering in brass & copper

This unusual combination of different metal colour finishes was purposely selected to distinguish between the two words so the brand name could stand out clearly. This historic restaurant which seats up to 200 guests is very well known and located in the heart of Sydney cbd. The creation was powder coated to match the screen it's mounted onto as a statement entry piece to elevate the interior designers upmarket theme. Creating a easy to maintain illuminated masterpiece was a core objective when undertaking this challenge. 


Re-purposed heritage frame into illuminated gaming sign

An original wrought iron frame on a heritage building converted into a gaming sign to draw attention to a re-furbished Captain's Hotel in Woolloomooloo Sydney. iSpace design team had to take into consideration the request from the council to preserve the original style of the metal construction to handle the extreme weather conditions. The newly constructed eye appealing day and night illuminated vip lounge creation encompassed the branding and logo to create an impactful sign. 


Mirror polished letters with illuminated back lighting

iSpace created a signs not only visually appealing and engaging but also durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. This reception sign has been professionally crafted, styled and constructed to elevate the overall appearance of the front of the Royal Randwick hotel's main entrance. This expensive look of high-tech mirror polished metal letters gives a timeless everlasting theme and classic appearance which will stand the test of time. 


Circular double sided illuminated gaming light-box

These double sided circular illuminated light-box signs were custom designed, manufactured and installed through Solotel’s gaming venues to create a corporate identity to their gaming section of their hospitality business. We co-ordinated closely with the in-house design team with lots of revisions to establish a workable identity. The design theme was also expanded into the window graphics and other area’s to strategically direct foot traffic. The signage solution proved to be very successful and resulted in iSpace rolling out more than ten gaming venues due to the overall results being achieved. 


Gaming signage in metal metal rim style edge letters

This gaming sign which incorporates animated flashing led lighting captures attention as a show stopper. To compliment the lightbox and enhance the visual a blue glowing band runs around the perimeter to further ensure an immersive unforgettable impactful creation. The extremely brightly lit illuminated letters have a rim style edge with an aged brass finish. 


large vip round single sided illuminated light-box sign

The Vip sign design formed in dots has a unique look and feel. Each dot illuminates separately resulting in a speculator illumination of light rays bouncing in different directions furthermore the mirror gold dots bounce the natural light of the surrounding environment to create a dazzling appearance.  The double banded white circular illuminated rings on the edges also emphasise the overall striking impact of this dynamic sign creation. In addition a flashing led controllable lighting system offers more options to changing the effects to create another level of increased brilliance.  

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