Double Sided Round Lightbox Signs

Distinguish your brand with the captivating allure of meticulously crafted, bespoke double-sided circular illuminated signage. At iSpace, we redefine visibility with our expertly illuminated double-sided round sign boxes that effortlessly command attention in bustling locations. Immerse your business in a radiant spotlight, enhancing exposure and boosting turnover.

Our circular light boxes, painstakingly handcrafted by skilled artisans, embody affordable luxury. The popularity of these signs can be attributed to their charming presence and versatility. They effortlessly blend into various environments, complementing other signage and branding seamlessly.

Manufactured in Australia, these signs are a testament to our commitment to using top-tier materials, ensuring durability and a modern aesthetic. The circular design exudes charm and versatility, seamlessly integrating into diverse environments such as retail spaces, clubs, and business entrances.

Constructed from welded aluminium, our signs transcend functionality to become visual delights. iSpace specialises in creating bespoke illuminated circular sign boxes for both indoor and outdoor use. Powder coated to standard colours or matching to customer specification, or the option for a specialised finish, offering a mirror polished finish or a sophisticated brushed finish by using a wide range of materials including, aluminium, brass, copper & stainless steel bespoke finishes, ranging from powder-coated hues to mirror-like sheens.

Available in a range of diameters, our illuminated round signs can be tailored to any size. Our illuminated round signs are available in various standard diameters ranging from 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm. We also do single sided round light-boxes in any custom size.  Embracing cutting-edge LED technology, our signs boast cost-effectiveness and extended lifespans. Weather-resistant outdoor LED lighting modules guarantee longevity in exterior applications. For maximum exposure to advertise your brand dynamically, featuring LED flashing lights around the perimeter of the lightbox are popular for gaming venues.

Projecting cantilevered double-sided round light-box signs are crafted with precision and care, made in-house in our factory. Wall mounting brackets can be custom made in different design options with artistic aesthetic appeal or just a simple down pole in various lengths. These round Light-boxes can be side mounted and have various unique design features in the way the attachment bracket anchors the round light-box sign to the wall surface. The option for double-sided round light boxes, allowing for different designs on each face. Each sign is custom-made to suit the unique specifications of the customer, ensuring a one-of-a-kind creation.

The face of our round light boxes features opal perspex with a translucent graphic applied, seamlessly attached by aluminium trim edges. The absence of visible joins presents a sleek and flawless appearance. Choose from a variety of illumination options, including digital printed images, intra-cut faces for elegant lettering effects, or 3D fabricated letters for a premium exclusive solution.

At iSpace, we offer a comprehensive signage solution which also includes slimline style light-box signs, from initial design concepts to full specifications and council submissions. Our nationwide network of qualified installers ensures hassle-free and prompt installations, creating dazzling effects day and night. Collaborate with our design team to bring your brand values to life with realistic mock-ups, setting your business apart in the competitive market. Elevate your brand with iSpace, where innovation meets distinction in circular double light box signage.


illuminating Marrickville Ritz Hotel with circular lightbox solution

Nestled in the heart of Marrickville, the Ritz Hotel now boasts a touch of modern sophistication, thanks to our custom-designed ceiling-hung round double-sided light-boxes. These bespoke creations serve dual purposes, combining functionality with eye-catching aesthetics. For the main hotel identification, we crafted a sleek and streamlined round shaped lightbox that serves as a clear identification sign , guiding guests to the Ritz with its elegant illumination. Complementing this, we also designed a distinct gaming lightbox, distinguished by its dynamic flashing LED lights. This gaming lightbox not only adds a vibrant flair to the hotel's ambiance but also enhances the gaming experience for patrons. Both installations reflect our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, transforming spaces and elevating brand presence. 


Elevating Cinema Experience with premium light-boxes with a brushed copper touch

Our meticulously crafted wall-hung round double-sided light-boxes, designed to redefine premium aesthetics in cinema spaces. At iSpace, we understand the importance of ambiance, and our bespoke lightbox solutions are tailored to elevate interior experiences. For this particular project, we went above and beyond, incorporating a brushed copper effect that exudes luxury and sophistication. Having produced a substantial quantity for a renowned cinema group these creations have specially designed brackets which further accentuated the overall elegance, pushing the boundaries of design innovation. To strike a perfect balance and create visual interest, we opted for minimalist black and white vinyl graphics, ensuring that the copper frames remained the focal point.  Whether it's copper, stainless steel, or any other metal finish we can customise your requirements. 


Spotlight on Innovation with a customised ceiling-hung lightbox

Where design meets functionality with our latest ceiling-hung round double-sided lightbox. Crafted to precise specifications, this lightbox boasts a thicker rim edge, adding a touch of robust elegance. One of its standout features is the strategically positioned LED lights, innovativly placed on the edge of the circular frame rather than the faces. This not only accentuates the design but also offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional flashing LED setups on double sided round light-boxes. To ensure seamless brand alignment, we meticulously applied a powder coating that perfectly matches our client's branding guidelines. The VIP lettering, harmoniously echoing the lightbox's color and finish, further amplifies its exclusivity. With this creation, iSpace demonstrating its commitment to marrying form and function, delivering solutions that are both visually striking and technologically advanced.


Close up of a specialised bracket in a copper finish on a round lightbox


Double sided round light-boxes with led strip lighting


Round light-box with illuminating branding also the rim edge


Double sided lightbox show casing branding of a food outlet


In production phase light-boxes with mirror polished finish


Welded arm attached to double sided lightbox sign


Cafe signage using double sided lightbox for branding


Side view of double sided circular lightbox with raised logo


Ceiling hung hotel signage using double sided lightbox


Double sided lightbox with structural bracing in production


Detailed Vip Lightbox sign with flashing led lighting


Side view of 3d lettering on gaming sign in a round shape


Round lightbox without graphics on the face


Round lightbox with very even illumination during testing phase


Round light-box custom-made metal faces with intra-cut graphic logo


Round light-box with 3m translucent vinyl graphics applied to the face


Ceiling hung lightbox outside storefront installed by iSpace


Premium circular lightbox powder coated finish with 3m vinyl graphics


Matching translucent vinyl graphics with exterior round lightbox finish


Premium grade LED modules for backlighting within the round lightbox


Icon global brand utilise round lightbox in there signage solutions


Coca-cola understand the power & value of using light-box signage


Round light-box mounted on a extended bracket arm

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