illuminated Signs

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, creating a strong brand presence is essential for capturing the attention of potential customers. Backlit signage featuring illuminated letters and logos crafted where acrylic materials sits behind the metal top sections. This backlit illuminated signage has emerged as a powerful tool in achieving this goal. Backlit signage with acrylic illumination is a strategic investment for businesses seeking to elevate their brand presence. By understanding the nuances of backlighting, choosing the right materials, and implementing thoughtful design considerations, you can create a visually compelling representation of your signage leaving a lasting impression.

Below we explores the intricacies of backlighting with acrylic illumination, shedding light on the key elements that contribute to a compelling and memorable translation of your signage.

Understanding Backlighting:
Backlighting is a technique that involves placing a light source behind an object to enhance its visibility. In the realm of signage, backlighting is employed to create a striking and eye-catching effect. LEDs have become the preferred choice for backlighting due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and ability to produce vibrant colours.

Advantages of Backlit Signage:

- Visibility: Backlit signage ensures visibility, making your brand stand out day and night.

- Impactful Design: The use of backlighting adds depth and dimension to your letters and logos, making them visually engaging.

Acrylic Illumination:

  • Material of Choice: Acrylic is a versatile material known for its clarity, durability, and adaptability.
  • Customisation: Acrylic can be shaped, molded, and customised to match the unique design elements of your brand by acrylic experts trained to master this skill. 
  • Light Transmission: Acrylic possesses excellent light transmission properties, enabling uniform illumination across the entire surface. This ensures that your brand elements are consistently well-lit.


Design Considerations:

  • Color Temperature: The choice of colour temperature for the backlighting can significantly impact the mood and perception of your brand. Warm or cool tones can be selected based on the desired ambiance.

  • Contrast and Legibility: A careful balance between the brightness of the backlighting and the colour of the acrylic is crucial to maintain optimal contrast and legibility.

  • Scale and Placement: Consider the scale of your signage in relation concerning its surrounding wall space. Additionally, strategic placement can maximise visibility and impact.


The Key Features of inset flush faces include:

Acrylic Backing: The acrylic backing, positioned at the back of the metal front sections, is precisely cut to match the contours of the letter. This creates a seamless appearance and ensures a perfect fit.

LED Lighting Placement: LED lights are strategically placed in the metal top sections. The light emitted by the LEDs shines through the acrylic layer, providing even illumination.

Avoiding Bright Spots: Professional sign makers recognise the importance of maintaining an optimal distance between the LED lighting and the acrylic to avoid issues like bright spots or a dotted effect. Careful placement is crucial for achieving uniform illumination.

Frosted Acrylic: Specially designed frosted acrylic is used to maximise the transmission of light, creating a glowing effect. This type of acrylic enhances the overall illumination and appearance of the letters.

Subtle Illumination: Due to the backlighting, the light source does not transmit through the faces of the letters. This results in a more subtle and eye-friendly illumination effect.

Depth Variations: The depth of the acrylic style can influence the final results. Different thicknesses of acrylic can produce varying levels of illumination, allowing for customisation based on the desired look.

LED Module Variety: Various types of LED modules are available, including coloured LEDs and colour-changing LEDs with different temperatures. Working with the full spectrum of white LEDs can produce diverse lighting effects.

Translucent Color Vinyl: Translucent colour vinyl can be applied to the back of the acrylic sections of the letters. This allows for the creation of different colour shading effects, adding versatility to the design.

Mounting Options: Backlit illuminated letters can be flush mounted or mounted off a substrate to create a "floating effect." This provides flexibility in the display and contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Metal Finish Options: The top metal section of the letters can be customised with various finishes, such as mirror polished, brushed finish, sandblasted, spray painted, or electroplated. This diversity in finishes allows for a wide range of design possibilities.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your backlit signage. 

Lighting Control: Implementing lighting control systems allows for flexibility in adjusting the brightness and timing of the backlighting. This feature can be particularly useful for adapting to different lighting conditions.

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3D Feature wall logo with back lighting in acrylic and stainless steel


illuminated signage with acrylic back lighting for the dental industry


Gucci 3D signage in our state-of-the art signage factory


Gucci signage showing illumination inside our quality control department


Sydney illuminated signs in production phase


Sydney award-winning manufacturing signage company


Dior upmarket illuminated logo signage


Sydney internal gaming signage with back lit illumination


Stainless steel back lit illuminated signage in production


Acrylic lit up back lighting sign being tested in long term quality


Mirror polished stainless steel with lighting effect behind indoors


Ultimate quality 3d metal signage with back lighting


Mirror polished brass 3d signage with back acrylic illumination


illuminated 3D brass backlight signage in Melbourne Australia


illuminated sign with chunky style lettering with acrylic behind


Mirror polished brass illuminated signage mounted with pins


3D Outdoor signage in Sydney


Backlit signage in multiple colours with acrylic glowing


Custom spray painted finish of illuminated backlit style signage


Brushed 3d stainless steel signage with illuminated back lighting


Corporate back lighting effect outdoor 3D signage


Custom made 3D metal signs with illumination


Feature wall office signage in brass with illumination


Bright rear illumination with brass 3d metal letters


High-end back-lit signage for retail brand


Metal double fabricated metal signage with middle illumination


Mirror polished stainless steel with halo style lighting effect


3D Built-up lettering with halo back-lit effect


Hairline effect stainless steel with illumination


Office reception sign with rear subtle lighting


Brushed metal 3d style signage with acrylic back lighting


Exterior pub signage with mirror polished stainless steel and lighting


Aged effect brass with illuminated feature lighting behind


3D Signage in stainless steel with acrylic behind designed to light up


Fendi illuminated signage with rear acrylic designed to illuminate


Fendi Signage with a warm white illumination


Thick fabricated stainless steel signage with illumination


A close up photo showing acrylic illumination as back lighting


Bronze metal letters with back illumination


illumination under metal letters in testing phase


Daytime close-up photo of stainless steel formed letters with acrylic underneath


Mirror polished fabricated metal signage with back lighting


Titanium mirror polished 3d letters with back lighting


3D Signage with backlighting acrylic glowing and raised on pins


Rose gold metal signage with acrylic underneath designed to illuminate


3D Metal letters with back illumination on slim edgeless frame


Showing close up detail of a stainless steel finish with illumination underneath


3D Signage in mirror polished stainless steel with back illumination


Global brands understand the value of using illumination with metal


Close-up showing acrylic the exact same size of the top metal set of letters


Metal fabricated 3d formed letters with a powerful lighting glow


3D signage mirror gold with illumination underneath glowing


Backlighting glow behind black signage letters


Close up showing warm white LED lighting acrylic behind signage


Spray painted top set of sign with illumination behind the logo


3D Signage with raised sign fixings and lighting glowing under metal letters


Close-up showing blue 2 Pak coated letters with a strong white back glowing light


Brilliant office signage with a back glow lighting in 3D


Stainless steel 3D formed letters with rear light glow effect


Pin fixed raised logo with high shine glowing with back lighting effect