Brass Custom Signage

Brass Custom Signage Specialists. Manufacturing Australia's best quality brass signs.

We manufacture custom brass signage for business use. Make an impression that counts with metal.


Experts in brass signage. Bringing fancy creations to your environments.

iSpace have been in business for the past 20 years and we pride ourselves on supplying a quality product on schedule. Our customers range from architects, developers, builders and government departments.


We fabricate, manufacture and install your architectural lettering and logos.

Our production equipment and skills enable us to manufacture a wide range of standard and specialist products from materials such as brass, bronze, core-ten metal, titanium, steel, stainless steel & copper. We also specialise in letter styles and metal signs.


We manufacture custom fabricated lettering in an aged brushed brass with a backlighting.

Leading the market in the design, fabrication and installation of 3D signage in Australia. iSpace are specialists in corporate, reception office, restaurants, retail and illuminated signage. To ensure we always provide top quality service and results, we manage your signage needs from the initial concept, through to manufacture & installation of your 3D signage.


Individual Brass polished non illuminated metal letters and shapes.

We use only the best quality materials & techniques ensuring you get optimal results for all your 3D fabricated signage needs. Our solutions cover all aspects of 3D signage, including fabricated LED and acrylic lettering, small to medium pylon signs, laser cutting and alucabond routing & folding


Brass 3d Letters for feature wall office reception signs.

Brass letters are fabricated by first cutting out the shape of the letter by computer-driven router or laser-cutter. The edges are sanded to a smooth finish. Sides are cut to the depth required, formed to the shape of the face and glued with high-performance adhesives. Mounting pins are fixed to the inside at pre-determined points.


We custom manufacture brass signage for reception office signage projects.

Brass Letters & Logo are made by laser cutting the material. We then place the brass letters onto a second stainless steel backround. It looks top notch, simply the best for a very exclusive premium look. We make brass signs in all thicknesses so whatr ever you are after we can create. Simply call us to discuss your requirements.


We manufacture custom brass Signage with polished edges.

Over the years, we have supplied all types of companies, private businesses, commercial properties, multi storey complexes, designers, shopfitters, office fit outs, companies re-branding their logos and lots more. Let us help you create the exact look you after. We can make house numbers any size and any font. From Brass to stainless Steel we offer all different thicknesses of material. We can weld pins to the rear of the letters so the numbers sit away from the wall.


Brushed fabricated brass signage raised on pin fixings. Australia's leading metal signage specialists.

Producing an exceptionally classy result, raised letters on pins typically suit boutiques and similar locations. The pins take the form of aluminium or steel with different finishes, such as ‘brushed finish brass signs’ or ‘satin’, and are welded onto the reverse of each letter. Installation must take place on-site, to maximise the potential of this sophisticated process. In most cases a 5mm material needs to be used as the faces of the letters marks from the heat when weldeing the pins onto the back of the letters.


Brass Lettering sitting on top of perspex letters with a back lighting effect.

Since brass is susceptible to discolouration by oxidation , it is generally protected by a coat of clear varnish. It may be spraypainted. It polishes to a high gloss and is ideal for chrome plating. Applications: 1. Indoor or outdoor applications 2. Casino spectaculars 3. Shops & shopping centres 4. Hotels and restaurants 5. Primary pylon signage 6. Corporate signage


Fabricated Brass Lettering with led internal illumination for a hidden halo type effect lighting.

Brass letters may be internally illuminated using neon to create a halo effect against the background. The neon tubing is bent to shape according to working drawings and mounted onto the perspex carrier with mounting clips. Condoms must be used to protect the electrical connection.


We manufacture custom made floating effect metal signage in brass and bronze.

Metal is the supreme material when it comes to fabricated outdoor signage. Strong and durable it can be folded, rolled cut and welded by an experienced signmaker into almost any shape. iSpace have years of experience in metal sign fabrication. Pictured is an aluminium logo being formed into shape by our sign fabricator. We fabricate aluminium, brass, stainless steel and chromed steel plate lettering and signs.


We manufacture custom made solid brass lettering of all thicknesses using real brass.

Whether you are looking for organisation signs or corporate logos at iSpace, you can fully rely on our team to provide you with high-quality results. We offer a large selection of options including our unique fabricated metals letters. These fabricated letters can give your property a one of kind look and you can expect clients and visitors to be drawn to these state-of-the-art signs.


Halo Glow brass Lettering

We offer a large selection of options for our fabricated letters including polished, satin, brushed, painted stainless steel, and brass. In addition to standard letters, we can also use digital prints to create the finished product.


Brass identification signage

Regardless of the type of lettering you need from us, you can use these signs around the interior and exterior of your company’s property. They will add a unique look to the overall appearance of your building and they look great in just about any type of lighting environment.


Polished to a mirror finish brass fabricated lettering.

At iSpace, we can create a custom business sign for you in no time. No matter what type of specifications you have, we will work closely with you to ensure you receive fabricated metal signs that perfectly represent your company.


Mirror polished brass plaques with paint fill in any colour.

Making sure our customers receive excellent service is our top priority and we won’t quit until you have fabricated metal signs that you are happy with. We are happy to create fabricated signs for any type of business throughout Australia & the USA, South Africa area and beyond.

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