Blackened Stainless Steel Titanium Finish Signs

In the world of stainless steel signage, where first impressions are paramount, nothing captivates attention quite like stainless steel resilience with its unwavering excellence. A beacon of sophistication and a testament to timeless quality, signs crafted by iSpace have redefined the landscape of premium indoor and outdoor branding.

Stainless steel signage standing resiliently outdoors, is an absolute triumph in the realm of visual aesthetics. Imposing and striking, these signs command attention with their gleaming reflective surfaces, delivering an enduring impact that resonates for the long term as a hallmark of excellence. A perfect blend of strength and sophistication, being not just visually appealing but also built to withstand the test of time, ensures waterproof resilience.

Award-winning signage company iSpace is committed to craftsmanship that offers unparalleled versatility in design, allowing for the creation of signs in almost any type in metal. Offering an array of options, with 3D signage and decorative plaques emerging as popular choices for both private and public spaces. The company's expertise in laser cutting and engraving ensures that your brand is showcased with impeccable precision on the durable canvas of stainless steel.

A revolution in metal craftsmanship silently unfolded by an award winning Australian signage company developing a secret to transforming a process that would redefine the essence of stainless steel signage to a new height having mastered the art of adorning it with a titanium nano-patented coating. This revolutionary finish applied to the metal a unique “gunmetal appliance” appearance. The stainless steel signage, now specially nano-coated with this exclusive “titanium gun-metal ”finish, possessed a distinctive appearance, akin to an almost black version of a metal masterpiece.

What sets this particular stainless steel “titanium gunmetal” finish apart is its ability to retain a metal-like aesthetic with a much darker colour hue, applied to the metal surface. While still maintaining the subtle shimmer in its feature hairline effect or mirror polished finish.

Sometimes ordinarily stainless is difficult to read because of its grey bland colour. For example, a stainless steel sign on a white backdrop does not have a good readability. When a more visible contrast is required, to enable signage to stand out and be more legible, that's when our unique “titanium gun-metal” does the trick and comes to the party. In a world where stainless steel sometimes struggled to make a statement due to its non-contrast colour, this gunmetal masterpiece emerged as a beacon of distinction. The gleaming gunmetal creates a classy rich look as it contrasts very well while still retaining all the unique properties and features of metal, creating an unparalleled look that captivated the eyes of the viewer.

iSpace’s titanium variant provides an additional layer of opulence, and the exceptional eye-catching quality is further enhanced through our patented technique, ensuring longevity even in the harshest outdoor conditions, making them a durable investment that lasts for decades.

Designers and architects appreciate the “gunmetal” colour ability to be easily deciphered. The allure of the “gunmetal” colour enables designs to come alive. Unlike traditional powder coating which would add a paint coating of a solid colour to a metal surface, our unique titanium gun process ensured that the jewellery-like metal properties remain intact.

The “titanium gunmetal” processed finish can be seamlessly applied onto 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, to any of our solid or fabricated signage.If you require more information on stainless steel signage both brushed and mirror polished finishes, click these links.

At iSpace, we offer the journey from concept to full project implementation meticulously manufactured by skilled artisans. Our company proudly fuses art and engineering, supplying its range of products worldwide. iSpace transforms spaces, making your brand not just seen but truly impressive.


iSpace creates fabricated titanium signage for Sydney law firm


A creation using 3d titanium lettering with solid signage


Titanium fabricated signage with acrylic illumination underneath


Premium car dealership with titanium 3D signage by iSpace


Feature wall titanium logo sign in the Sydney CBD by iSpace


Mirror polished titanium signage mounted to an edgeless frame


Mirror polished built up titanium signage in our factory


Mirror polished fabricated signage with acrylic backlit illumination


Solid mirror polished titanium letters in a brushed titanium base layer


Fabricated 3D metal signage with a brushed titanium finish


Close-up showing detailed brushed titanium finish on 3D letters


Mirror polished titanium sign on a mirror polished titanium base


3D built up logo sign in a titanium mirror polished finish


High shine titanium metal mirror polished signage letters


Hairline brushed titanium finish on 3D metal fabricated signage


Retirement village branding in a 3D style titanium metal finish


Built up 3D metal signage with a brushed titanium effect


Detailed side profile photo showing a hairline brushed titanium finish


Fabricated titanium signage in our state of the art factory


Spacer set underneath our 3D built up titanium metal letters


Close up showing white set underneath 3D titanium fabricated signage

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