Mirror Polished Brass Signs

Mirror polished brass signage is reflective like a mirror as the description describes. Brass signage stands as a timeless elegance and preference for multiple compelling reasons, unequivocally conveying a sense of integrity and assurance adding a touch of sophistication to any setting. Our brass signs draw attention to the natural beauty of the metal, reminiscent of the allure of jewellery.

In a current global trend, celebrating the innate beauty of metal, people are captivated by the timeless elegance that brass signage brings to any space. Whether showcasing meticulously mirror polished brass or the rich heritage of a brushed satin or oxidised aged brass brushed finish signs, our signs embody quality and prestige, reflecting the image you aspire to project, that makes an impression that counts.

Recognising the need to stand out, high-end corporations globally choose bespoke brass signage for a consistent and distinguished identity. The premium nature of these signs ensures that they blend seamlessly with various colour palettes, making a lasting impression. iSpace’s mirror-polished brass signs boast a seamless and elegant finish, with exquisite craftsmanship, introducing a touch of sophistication to any setting. Due to the fact the mirror polish reflects the surrounding environment one needs to be aware that it can become more difficult to read and clients need experienced sign designers to advise accordingly.

At iSpace, we seamlessly blend tradition with innovation to deliver brass signage that transcends expectations, elevating craftsmanship to art. Where bespoke creations not only showcase our dedication to artistry but also underscore the unparalleled versatility of brass as a medium for artistic expression. We will work closely with you to ensure you receive fabricated metal signs that perfectly represent your company's image. The distinctive presence of customer brass signs is widely adopted in prestigious offices and corporate establishments Australia-wide.

iSpace’s brass mirror polished signs and logos are emblematic of quality and prestige, symbolising sophistication and professionalism with an aesthetic appeal which spans across all industries. We will ensure that the fabricated metal signs you receive impeccably communicate your company’s branding, perfectly to represent the image you aspire to project.

What sets them apart and the premium you pay is an investment in the meticulous attention to detail in machining, polishing, and the nano finish of the final product—a distinction akin to discerning between a counterfeit imitation and an authentic original brand. For a unique presentation, we offer the option to weld pins to the rear of the letters, allowing them to gracefully sit away from the wall. Immerse yourself in the visual allure of spacer mounting, creating an illusion of your brass custom signage or logo gracefully "floating" off the wall.

While brass can last for decades, outdoor exposure leads to quick oxidation. Preserving the beauty of brass outdoors, the brass can be protected, we apply a clear two-pack paint, preserving its beauty for years. Alternatively, some clients prefer the natural oxidation process, appreciating the transformation into a rusted appearance embracing the raw metal finish encouraging the development of a distinctive oxidation and patina over time.

Whether you seek the luster of meticulously polished brass or the rich heritage conveyed by a brushed satin or oxidised aged finish indoors and outdoors, we have had you covered.

Designers have realised they need to be doing more to stand out, using better quality and premium looking materials, mirror polished brass achieves this result. Due to the fact mirror polished brass sign are more of an upmarket form of signage, you don’t see them used often in all places, so when you do see these reflective creations attract extra attention. 


Dental signage in a mirror polished brass feature in Circular Key


LJ Hooker signage in production using mirror polished brass


Jewellery-like mirror polished brass detailed signage


Authentic mirror polished brass with back illumination


Mirror polished brass fabricated signage with acrylic bases


Rolex understands the power a& value mirror polished brass signage


Brass fabricated mirror polished famous logo sign


Mirror polished solid brass letters on a brushed finish brass backing


Mirror polished brass signs on pins with a halo illumination effect


Thick solid mirror polished brass lettering for a fashion brand sign


Brass mirror polished signage formed in a tri-angular prism style


Brass mirror polished letters on a way-finding brushed sign backing


illuminated letters with mirror polished brass and flush inset faces


Solid brass mirror polished outdoor signage


Desk-top extremely detailed mirror polished brass sign


Fabricated mirror polished sign letters with raised acrylic faces


Detailed free standing desk signage in a mirror polished brass


Mirror polished brass fabricated signage with acrylic back illumination


Escada signage fabricated mirror polished brass with illumination


Logo signage sculptured in a mirror polished brass finish


illuminated signage with mirror polished brass and flush inset faces


Solid brass with mirror polished details on complicated sign creation


Wall mounted solid brass mirror polished signage in Double Bay


Free standing illuminated & floating mirror polished brass signage

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