Artwork Service

Signage design plays a crucial role in guiding effective communication by informing, and engaging audiences. Signage is a versatile tool that communicates messages quickly and efficiently. Signage serves a variety of purposes, ranging from providing directions and conveying information to promoting brands and enhancing the overall aesthetic of a space and user experience.

Clear and legible text is the foundation of effective signage. The typeface, font size, and contrast should be chosen carefully to ensure readability from various distances and under different lighting conditions. Consistent use of colours, fonts, and design elements helps in creating a cohesive brand image. Signage should be strategically placed for maximum visibility, taking into account factors such as eye level, distance, and potential obstructions.

Artwork services in signage involve the creation and design of visual elements that convey specific information. In the world of business, first impressions matter, and nothing captures attention quite like well-designed signage. Our signage design artwork services encompass a diverse range of offerings. Artwork services in the signage world are crucial for creating effective communication tools that enhance user experience, improve way-finding, and convey important information in a visually appealing manner.

We take pride in offering a fully personalised service for each client. Our in-house illustration specialists are dedicated to transforming your design ideas into captivating visual experiences. Our team collaborates closely with yours to gather pertinent information, leading to the formulation of a detailed signage design strategy. illustrations play a crucial role in the interpretation artwork.

Whether showcasing site-specific images, or historical illustrations, our team ensures that visuals are bold, colourful, and captivating. Selecting the right illustrations can elevate the impact of your signage solution. Our talented team of designers, can produce a visual proof that illustrates exactly how your signage will look. Whether you seek a completely new design or wish to refine an existing concept, our in-house design team is equipped to provide expert signage design and consultancy advice and high-quality documentation services. Our artwork services proves invaluable for supporting planning applications, and other key aspects of your project.

These overall main categories include:
  • Signage Detailing & Documentation:  Comprehensive documentation and ideas to life by creating detailed brand guidelines.
  • Signage Specifications Sheets / Signage Guideline Documentation: Creating detailed final signage specification sheets showing all dimensions and layout details of what’s going to be manufactured.  
  • Creating Vector graphics: Transforming images from jpeg to vector line graphics. Read more about vectorising graphics
  • Logo Manipulation: Tweaking logos to get them ready for signage manufacturing 
  • Manufacture / Production Ready Artwork: Setting up artwork to the correct specification to send to manufacture stage.
Some important factors which are covered in the design documentation artwork services include:

• Graphic Design of visual elements
• Layout and Composition: Designers arrange text and visuals in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and easily understandable.
• Designers create graphics, icons, symbols, and other visual elements that effectively communicate information.
• Typography & Font Selection: Choosing appropriate fonts that align with the brand and are easy to read from a distance.
• Text Hierarchy: Establishing a hierarchy to prioritise information based on importance.
• Color Theory & Selection: Using colours strategically to enhance visibility, convey meaning, and align with brand identity.
• Contrast and Legibility: Ensuring that text and graphics are easily readable against background colours.
• Branding & Consistency: Maintaining consistency with the overall brand image in terms of colours, fonts, and messaging.
• Selection: Recommending appropriate materials for different types of signage.
• Dimensionality of materials to keep viewing proportions correctly aligned 
• Printing and Manufacturing: Coordinating the production process to bring the design to life.

The documentation includes the materials selected and production processes required. Showing the technical manufacturing details are clearly articulated, which become brand assets and intellectual property to an organisation.

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