Push Through Lettering Style Light Box Signs

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We manufacture custom made push through style light boxes of all sizes. 

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These are for outdoor and indoor use, they can be single sided or double sided. These push through style light-boxes are the newest trend and they look amazing.
The image below is of what we call an example of a light box with push through style lettering. The letters themselves are made using an opal white plexiglass (acrylic) which allows the light to penetrate through the letters. These style light box signs can be made in a way where only the sides of the letters glow so the face of the lettering does not glow, we typically refer to this as a halo type lighting effect.

Or alternatively the face of the lettering can glow (any colour you wish). We would apply a translucent vinyl to the face of the letters if we wanted this effect. We can even apply stainless steel letters to the faces of the opal acrylic white lettering.

The front panel is made in a way where is appears as if the lettering is being "pushed" through the sign face. That's where the name comes from. The Lettering can be made in a number of thicknesses, we would determine the best thickness material to use depending on the artwork.



Light boxes are made from aluminium extrusions which we weld into sign boxes which later become completed light boxes. We weld the frames into the correct required size and then powder coat the box according to the colour which is required. If the powder coating range does not have a perfect colour match we custom made the PMS colour which is required. The paint finish can be either matt or gloss type finish. The powder coating or paint is a long last paint. We so make single sided round light-boxes with the same type of effect.

Once the light box frame is made we then add the lighting component. We either use fluorescent lighting where ballasts and started are wired ( see images below ) or we use LED lighting. You can choose the type of lighting you require in your custom light box sign. Depending on the logo it's self we sometimes make the graphics with a white face or a coloured back ground.

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