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Metal Signs


Choose from our wide range of signage products to suite your requirements.

Our team specialises in a wide variety of custom metal manufacturing in all types of metals.

Custom made fabricated brass letters with a brushed finish with faces which illuminate white with opal acrylic faces. Notice the edge boarder being thick on purpose.


Aged Bronze and brass custom signage fabricated into letter shapes. These can be made in any thickness. We can the capacity to produce very large volumes of metal letters.


Stainless Steel fabricated logos with white acrylic fabricated under neath for a backward type glow. The led moducles are set inside the stainless steel letters.


Aged Copper and brass lettering with a clear coat of 2 pack paint for outdoor protection. Perfectly fabricated by hand with a brushed finish to the letters.

Rusted corten Steel for exterior signage lettering. Our precision waterjet technology will give you exact shapes and designs you want, with the weathered look of antique, rusted steel.

Double layer metal letter illumination which appears to be pushed thru the light box face has a more upmark result. It's for a good day time and subtle night time illumination result.

5mm copper letters mounted to 10mm black perspex lettering to raise the lettering off the wall surface.


These lilluminated letters have stainless steel welded around the faces neatly placed on a stainless frame.


A large order of hotel roon numbers being produced in stainless steel, phase one of the job.


Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Letters which have been fabricated to 12mm thick with pin fixings.

This complexed metal structure welded out of coreten ion in production phase of the job.

Perfectly fabricated copper & brass aged letters on top of acrylic letters set inside a neat frame.

Stainless Steel Lettering with the edges enhanced by small led lighting inside for a second feature.

Perspex Fabricated letters with a brass rim element added to the outside to create an upmarket solution.

Metal fabricated Letters spray painted with globes exposed to create carnival type illuminated letters.

Corten Metal fabricated lightboxes with a custom slanted shape fabricated into hanging light boxes.

A double effect letter style mixings metal fabricated letters with acrylic letters to achieve a brilliant result.

Large metal fabricated letters with led strip lighting inside - notice the inside of the letters painted white.

Custom laser cut metal sheeting bent into paneling for Samsung during welding and construction phase.

These letters are polished to a mirror fiish stainless steel fabricated to a thick depth. We can produce any size & thickness.

These metal fabricated letters are spray painted black and have led lighting inside, mounted neatly to a top bar.

Some people refer to these as chrome letters but they exactly stainless steel fabricated letters.

Fabricated Brass beaded letters, meaning that they not polished or brushed but rather a matt finish.

This outdoor lightbox has aged copper and brass letters mounted to the face of the sign.

Mirror polished gold letters achived by electroplating the stainlkess steel to a gold colour with white inset acrylic faces at the same height as the edges.

These solid 6mm stainless steel letters have pins welded to the back of the letters. We use 6mm to ensure the faces do not get marked when welding.

We use aluminium to fabricate these double sided round light boxes. A beading is welded to hold the face perspex in place. The mounting brackets are welded to the frame.

Brass machine engraved plaques with a paint-fill. This paint was a grey match to a pms colour. The plaques are sprayed with a clear 2 pack automotive paint for protection against oxidation.

Real Solid Brass Waterjet cut into shapes. We have the abolity to produce any type of metal signage in all types of thicknesses.

Fabricated brushed stainless steel with a brushed finish known as a horizontal linish. We can fabricated any size and depth required. The letters can be pin mounted if required.

Fabricated very thin bronze shape with internal led lighting and 20mm solid acrylic designed to illuminate.

Mirror polished fabricated letters by hand to an absolutely perfect finish. We are experts in Stainless Steel lettering.

A combination of mirror polished fabricated letters with led lighting and a second layer of acrylic letters to form amazing retail signage.

Perfectly fabricated metal stainless steel letters with frosted type acrylic protruding from the faces to form one set of letters the same size.

Fabricated metal aluminium round box which was spray painted using 2 pack paint to form a single sided lightbox.

Metal welding in progress. We have a huge capacity to produce all types of welded products. With an ability to supply a massive quantity of finished goods.

Anodized Alumiuim Face and sides with cut out illuminated letters formed into a slim line light box.

An Extremely close up photo showing brushed effect. The colour is an aged bronze. Letters for Cartier.

Satin silver fabricated metal letters with illuminated faces foot type mounting so the letters appear free standing.

A close up photo of a 6mm solid stainless steel letter which has been polished to a mirror chrome look. Notice how the edges are also perfectly polished.

A combination of copper letters with stainless steel letters with a set of black letter underneath to cause a drop shadow effect.

Aluminium fabricated Lightbox structure in production phase of the job. This unit is double sided, notice the middle how it's been welded to act as a back panel for led lighting.

Double sided round lightbox in welding phase. The structural integrity is insured by the thick metal beam run across the middle of the unit.

Real brass mirror polished metal engraved and paint filled in a cream colour paint. Spray painted with a 2 pack automotive paint.

Metal fabricated shaped objects to form signage letters with an illuminated faces sitting proud of the metal sections.

Stainless steel letters with special effect with perforations in the metal to create unique lighting effects.

These vintage marque style metal letters have yellowish type gold ball bulbs as the lightig effect.

Complexed fabricated metal welded letters with neat joining bars welded to structurally join the metal creation together.

Brass metal signs fabricated to perfection. These are illuminated letters. Notice the different type of edges.

Perfectly fabricated circular lightboxes with hanging welded bracket powder coated double sided illumianed rouns sign with vinyl graphics.

Sometimes known as marque lettering. These metal fabricated letters are custom spray painted with exposed globes.

Solid Stainless 5mm thick letters mounted on pins fixings. Notice the word baptist in polished effect. Photo taken during installation of the job.

Solid 5mm Stainless Steel Letters with spray painted blue letters and a digital print applied to the face to get the blended blue in the design.

Single sided illuminated round lightbox with beaded edge holding the face. Notice the perfect satin black paint finish achieved.