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Stainless Steel on pin fixings - securely fixed to the wall surface.


We manufacture custom Stainless Steel Lettering mounted on pin fixings. These are for outdoor and indoor use, made in any size.


stainless steel letter with pins welded to the back

We manufacture custom stainless steel polished letters with pins.

Flat cut metal letters and logos are available in Aluminum, Bronze, Brass signs, Copper signage, Stainless Steel in many thicknesses and finishes. Suitable for interior & exterior signage.


stainless steel sign attached to the wall with pins

We manufacture custom stainless steel polished letters with pins.

Marine grade 316 is also available when specifically requested. Marine grade is recommended for boat names and property signs close to the sea. Stainless steel letters are supplied with either brass locator fixings or threaded rods.

chrome stainless steel sign attached by pin fixings

We manufacture custom stainless steel polished letters with pins.

Stainless Steel Laser Cut Letters. Laser Cut Stainless Steel letters with pins welded to the rear. The threaded pins allow installation into walls by simply drilling holes. The letters can be installed to sit slightly off the wall.


alumiuim letters pin fixed to wall

We manufacture all types of lettering with rear pins fixed to the back.

Rear, spot welded threaded wall pins. These pins make it very easy to mount the sign into a brick or concrete wall, front sign or internal wooden panel. The pins are threaded for clients who wish to secure the letters onto a hollow or rear accessible cavity, garden sign or similar.

office stainless steel signs

We manufacture lettering with pins welded to the rear of the lettering.

We also suggest you fill the wall holes with adhesive and apply an adhesive to the rear of the letters when you are ready to place into final position. The letters can be fitted into holes or used as bolts into a frame, wall or building panel.


stainless steel sign in shopping mall

We manufacture custom made Lettering of all types.

Installation is very easy, First, using our layout sheet, hold up each letter against the wall and mark the holes for the pins. Drill the holes. When all letters are ready, insert adhesive into the holes and insert the pins. Recheck letters are level before securely fixings to the letters with a bonding agent.

stainless steel plaque attached by pin fings

We make plaques and letters in stainless stel raised off the surface.

Stainless Steel is suitable for interior & exterior signage. Our quality stainless steel letters will provide your business or home with a stylish and elegant look. These are available in natural satin and polished finishes with a number of thicknesses.

We manufacture custom 3 dimensional stainless steel logo's.

Custom cut stainless steel fabricated letters are water jet cut using a softened water pressurized to 45,000 psi forced through an .010 orifice at 3 times the speed of sound, this technique is used to produce the highest quality stainless steel letters and numbers available. Waterjet cut logos and custom type styles are available from us.