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Brass Signs & Brass Plaques Engraved and Paint filled.


We manufacture custom brass plaques. These are for outdoor and indoor use, made in any size. Coated with a 2 pack paint for protection.


brass plaque mirror polished with black paint fill mounted on a timber base

We manufacture brass engraved plaques and are absolute specilaists in producing brass plaques.

The different types of plaques are suitable for different types of properties and environments. Engraving into Brass as a niche which we have mastered. We engrave brass plaques with custom wording or corporate logos.


brass engraved plaque

Custom made brass plaques engraved perfectly and paint filled with 2 pack paint.

Our plaques are engraved, filled & coated in a UV stable lacquer making them suitable for interiors and exteriors. Plaques also vary in manufacturing time, intracut lettering in a plaque is the fastest type of plaque to produce, where as ink filling plaques takes more time.

brass plaques

Plaques are a timeless object which have a certain function.

Brass is a "classic" product used both inside and outside (dependant on the quality of brass used). Brass can be engraved and paint filled any colour to meet your specific requirements.


outdoor brass sign with engraving

Engraved Brass plaques

We offer a paint filling process that involves baking the coating to ensure an extremely tenacious grip.Although Brass has a tendency to tarnish and oxidize when exposed to the environment. We coat all our plaques with a clear Two pack Acrylic urethane for exterior exposure:


brass sign spray apinted with clear coat of 2 pack for protection

Brass and Stainless Steel plaques specialists.

We engrave into various materials using a computer aided system. We also chemically etch into metals. Engraving is the ultimate way of producing permanent signs which are very long lasting. Brass plaques are 1.5mm or 3mm thick and are deep engraved.


brass and stainless steel plaques drying out

We produce all kinds of plaques - let us bring your metal sign into reality.

We personally recommend that brass is used both inside rather than outside as it is susceptible to vandalism and wear and tear including tarnishing, pitting and scratching. Infused outside the in-filled paint will eventually come away. A clear coat of 2 pack paint will get you a fair period of time.


brass engraved medical plaques

Plaques made in Metal

Cast and Etched Metal Plaques provide an image of permanence, memory, and elegance. Ideal for prestigious signs for name plaques and internal directional signs for the leisure industry. Brass can be highly polished if required however it requires regular polishing to retain its shiny finish and can be problematic if not maintained

We manufacture plaques which are engraved.

We use a variety of materials including bronze, brass, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and copper, and a variety of methods including casting, etching, and engraving & provides complete services including design, production and installation.