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Double Layer of illuminated Signage - The best option money can buy.


We manufacture custom signage with double layer illumination - the absolute top of the range signage option for any brand.


double layer of sign illumination using stainless steel and acrylci lettering

We manufacture custom make signage letters of all sizes. Using loads of materials.

The image above is of fabricated polished 20mm stainless steel letters placed on top of 15mm white opal acrylic letters. The glow is projecting from the layer under the main layer to give off a equisite look.


double layer illumination with copper faces to the sign.

Custom fabricate each letter according to size, making sure the letters are flawless.

Aged copper fabricated lettering as the top layer with 20mm white opal perspex as the bottom layer. A very creative upmarket look.

mirror polished stainless steel with thick acrylic lettering under the main set

Highly polished stainless steel fabricated letters on raised perspex letters.

The image below is of what we call fabricated stainless steel letters with a mirrorpolish to chrome look. Sitting on a 20mm white opal perspex set of letters. The light projecting out of the bottom layer.


brass sign with illumination under the main lettering in white

Double Layer lettering in brass projecting outwards and sitting on pins.

Raised polished brass letters look very classy. Having them sitting on a white illumnated set and then having both sets raised is a very neat soluton.


lettering raised off the wall with illuminated option and a black set of lettering

Double Layer black spray painted letters sitting on white letters.

Want a stylish and upmarket result with your signage solution? Having spray painted letters raised with a glow set under the mian set. Raising them off the wall surface slightly. Outstanding simply result.


Super stylish chrome Letters on a white glowing set..

The premiuim brands of the world are going for this style of signage. It's the best money can buy. Raising the logo by using white glowing letters under th stainless steel Letters makes a superb solution.