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Fancy illuminated Signage Specialists. Manufacturing Australia's best quality hands down.


We manufacture and install every type of illuminated signage from the simplest most cost effective illuminated signage boxes to landmark icons. We are highly specialised in the use of LED & Neon as an alternative light source to achieve desired results.


fabricated lettering illuminated with neon tubing inside

We manufacture custom made office signage of all sizes. Bringing fancy creations to your environments.

We specialise in design, manufacture, project management & delivery of finish signage products. Whether you are about to embark on a major re-imaging program with multiple sites or looking to brand your head office building we have the solution.


a fantastic lightbox with 3d lettering and corned corners making this lightbox a real work of art

Custom corporate illuminated signage for buildings. Make an impression that counts.

We have the resources both locally and internationally with a national coverage set up to provide unparalleled levels of manufacturing capacity in signage production & installation.

custom illuminated logo sign for shopfront store

Complexed custom illuminated creations involving fabriacated lettering

Our in-house manufacturing facility has the very latest in design & fabrication technology allowing us to successfully service key market segments in Retail, Finance, Health, Construction & Government. From initial design concepts to the signage specifications we manufacture and supply and install of your signage.


indiviual illuminated letters mounted on a large suspended backround in glass

illuminated glowing lettering on glass backrounds ceiling suspended.

iSpace is working with cutting edge technology and globally recognised brands to deliver a signage solution to meet your wayfinding & identity requirements. You can rely on iSpace to design, manufacture & maintain your corporate signage.We submit applications to the council and handle the entire process from start to finish.


flashing led's around an under awning lightbox with 3d lettering

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes.

Specialists in corporate rebranding and have extensive experience in signage rollouts and one-off projects. Depending on the location of your store and your companies brand and logo will advise you of the correct options. Our in-house design consultancy & design service, expertise in production & installation, allow us to work with you in creating the look that best represents your business.


fabricated logo sign with lighting inside the letters bringing this logo to life in a very 3d way

We manufacture custom made fabricated perspex lettering of all types.

There is also an option of creating 3 dimensional fabricated letters on the face of a hanging construction to make your letters really stand out. You can also create neon halo effects behind letters if the logo suits the application.The top end of the market which consumes the most extravagant signs are normally found in casinos.


pylon sign in construction phase testing the lighting

We manufacture massive Pylon signage.

Large ligtht boxes are made in a different way because of the limitation on the size of the material.The industry term for making large lightboxes is referered to as flex face. The so called flex face as a special translucent banner material which is stretched over a special extrusion which accommodates for this application.


a bulkhead fabricated illuminated sign with 3d letters

Nothing stands out better than a well designed illuminated or backlit sign.

Our design team will work with you creating realistic mock ups of your signage solution so you can get a very realistic impression of the completed job before spending a cent. We would be happy to offer this service to your company.


a custom double sided wall mounted sign with raised letters

All about colour & colour amplifies profit.

iSpace will design your signage with your corporate identity in mind, we will ensure a consistent look throught-out all your signage to make sure we compliment your look. We take great pride in producing signs that will perform beyond the call of duty. We specify only the best materials available and our products are carefully inspected before delivery to ensure the highest standard of quality.


neon illuminated creation with a glass sign sitting in front mounted onto a lit up perspex box

Blending Neon tubing with glass creates an amazing result.

Allow iSpace to create dazzling effects for your business during the day or at night, whether you choose neon tubing, 3D letters, glass signage, perspex fabrucated signage. Indeed, every sign is manufactured to perfection, by experienced artisans who take exquisite care and who have an abiding passion for their trade.


an acrylic fabricated box with digital printing mounted to the face and stainless steel letters on top

Fabricated perspex light box with stainless steel letters for a superb finish.

Another new trend has become to apply a digital printed graphic and mounted to a persepx shell to give the box a fresh colourful look during the day. To further increase the creations we hadded stainless steel fabricated letters to the creation.


brass fabricated letters with illumination inside

We can offer a range of materials & formats to meet your exact requirements.

The image above is of lettering in the manufacture phase. The same way interiors have really gone a long way in the last decade, signage has also become increasingly more advanced.

an under awning lightbox with 3d push through style lettering

Light Boxes with push through lettering has become the new trend in signage.

Another fantastic solution has become to use alucabond as the basis of the box and then the logo is routered out in negative space where 10mm Perspex is pushed through the routered sections to create 3 dementional looking letters.


a detailed lightbo double sided with raised lettering and round corners

We manufacture the most creative signage in Australia.

The reason store owners have decided to go for this premier solution is the marketplace has become cluttered with standand lightboxes so to look different businesses have decided to go for a more complexed lightbox creations which has a more classy look.


a slim style lightbox with raised lettering with a slight glow around the logo

Slim light boxes with logo's back-lit illuminated.

iSpace has developed a range of signage solutions which are simplistic yet stylish in design suitable for high end applications in retail & commercial environments. Our slim line light boxes are made in-house by our signage artisans.


Full perspex light box with aluminium face with vinyl as the colour source.

iSpace's range of double sided hanging signs and single sided wall mounted signs have the flexibility to be manufactured to custom sizes to suit any application suitable for corporate, commercial and industrial environments.