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Double Sided Lightbox Signs - Under Awning illuminated Signs.


We manufacture these in all shapes, materials, sizes and finishes.These are for outdoor and indoor use, they can be single sided or double sided. Made in any size or colour.


under awning light box with binyl graphics applied to the faces

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes. Both single & double sided units.

The image above is of what we call a standard style outdoor light box. The face of the light box is an opal acrylic panel which has the graphics applied to the faces. This makes for a very neat looking sign, especially at night when the lettering is glowing.


outdoor light box with illuminated graphics for retail shop front

Custom fabricate each box according to size, making sure the box is re-inforced.

The Standard light box is obviusly double sided. Seen from both angles. The face of the light box is made so it light's up well, this is achieved by using a translucent type of vinyl material.

double sided lightbox with led flashing lights for gaming signage venue

We manufacture custom Light Boxes with Led's which flash.

A light box is the ideal way to advertise your brand. Light boxes are illuminated by fluorescent tubes, so they are inexpensive to run adding value to your business. They come complete with stunning translucent graphics to enhance your message.


full acrylic light box with metal face. The sides of the lightbox glow white.

We manufacture LightBoxes which are made completely from perspex.

iSpace can supply & install light boxes in all formats, from slimline edge lit for retail display to double-sided under awning light boxes, wall-mounted light boxes, and flexface illuminated light boxes.

special effect underawning lightbox with pink illumination

Perspex lightbox with coloured lighting inside.

Not only can we design and build your light box or illuminated sign, we can install and connect as well, using fully licensed electricians. Just give us a call for a free on-site consultation.


an outdoor light box with digital printed graphics applied to the face of the sign

Vip Gaming Signage experts

We are very experienced in working in the gaming signage space having successfully completed projects of the highest magnatude with some of Sydney's strongest hotel gaming operators.

a full acrylci light box creation with spray painted 3d lettering

3d sprayed lettering on a ice white perspex creation.

Our sign makers have an incredible depth of experience in the industry, this means they have the skills to manufacture any type of sign in Australia, whether it’s a tried and tested traditional solution for a well established busienss or a one-off attention grabber.


gaming signage under awning light box with led's

Lightboxes with complexed graphics with led's which flash.

iSpace is a professional signage supplier working with people & companies serious about there projects. Offering a huge range of illuminated signs to suit your business and your setting.


a very large shop front light box with persepx graphics

The lightbox in the photo above stretched 5 meters across the shop front.

Light boxes, are a type of iilluminated sign that is made out of an aluminium box that has lights inside, that then illuminate the design on the face of the box. Enhance your image, credibility & build customer awareness instantly with your light box sign.


a double sided lightbox with digital printed faces and mounted directly to the ceiling

Light Boxes with digital printed faces.

Whether you choose to have us design and install a lightbox, neon, Led or edgelit sign, you will get a quality product that your business deserves. We successfully execute the most difficult projects bringing the best results for your business.


a large single sided light box with raised lettering

We manufacture custom single sided light Boxes of all sizes.

The internally illuminated through using energy efficient fluorescent lighting tubes. This type of lighting makes for a cost effective and environmentally friendly lighting display.


a shopfront sign with a lightbox illuminating the fascia section with an additional under awning lightbox double sided

Store front bulkhead illuminated signage.

With over 20 years of experience our team of dedicated professionals can provide you with expert advice and solutions for your signage needs. We are passionate about the work we do and it shows in the satisfaction of our clients.

an outdoor lightbox with vinyl translucent graphics

Creating large illuminated Signs for your legal firm.

We manufacture these in all shapes, materials, sizes and finishes. Single or double-sided slimline light boxes, aluminium faced, or very fancy illuminated lightbox sign.

a large indoor lightbox single sided with illuminated graphics inside a retail store

illuminated signage inside your retail stores.

illuminated signs are specified to achieve the maximum lighting and glow levels. Using special transparent acrylic panels, we also apply special translucent vinyl letters onto the face of the panel for extra bright lettering at night.


a lightbox with led lighting inside and translucent graphics applied to the face of the acrylic

Light Boxes for Hospitals & Medical centres.

This makes for a very classy looking sign, especially at night when the lettering is glowing. We also manufacture all types of conventional light box signs.


Retail store front Signage Experts.

iSpace creates stunning lightboxes with your company logo and window graphics that ensure your business stands out providing that professional touch that will give the right first impression