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Slim Light Boxes with 3d Lettering - Made any size with detailed graphics.


illuminated signs are a superb way to attract the attention of busy shoppers or passing traffic. At night, the extra visibility your business gains is easily recouped from the extra recognition you gain, making this kind of signage a smart investment to promote your business 24 hours a day. Slim line light boxes with 3d Lettering are for outdoor or indoor use, made in any size or colour.


corporate reception sign illuminated

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes. Both single & double sided units.

The image above is of what we call a slim light box. The face of the light box is aluminium and has cut out sections which we replace with opal acrylic to allow the light to pipe through the lettering. The perspex panel slides neatly into the aluminum extrusion.


outdoor double sided illuminated sign

Custom fabricate each item as if they a work of art they so perfectly created.

iSpace has its own manufacturing plant with the latest equipment. Indeed, every sign is manufactured to perfection, by experienced artisans who take exquisite care and who have an abiding passion for the signage trade. We take great pride in producing signs that will perform beyond the call of duty.


slim light box reception sign

We manufacture custom Light Boxes with logo's & branding.

Slim Light Boxes are a sleek & contemporary light box option. LED lighting inside as the lighting source with dimensional letters add interest a "pop" to your signage projects. Intracut Light boxes utilising aluminium composite panels for the faces with welded frames and laser or CNC lettering.

outdoor sign with 3d lettering

We manufacture large exterior signage with metal fabricated letters.

By using 3D letters and logos, you are advertising your business with cleaner lines, boldness and a refined expression that you just can’t find with a normal sign. The more you can differentiate from your competitors and stand out, the better, so why not consider a 3D logo.

slim light box with powder coating for exterior

Custom made light Boxes of all sizes powder coated to your colour choice.

The Solid letters appear to be "pushed through" the panel for dimension and high intensity, light from the back for real impact. A slimline lightbox option has become a more elegant way to display your brand. The reason store owners have decided to go for this premier solution is the marketplace has become cluttered with standand lightboxes.


anodized aluminium sign

We manufacture custom made light boxes involving logo's of all types.

Illuminated signs create a powerful impression and provide legibility and awareness at night for retail stores, buildings, & other environments. Nothing stands out better than a well designed illuminated or backlit sign. They stand out and attract passing crowds, particularly in high visibility, heavy traffic area within shopping centres or commercial precincts.

outdoor sign with 3d letters

We manufacture very detailed custom made light boxes of all sizes.

Illuminated signs are available in a number of different options. There are a number of options when it comes to illuminated signage. Slim lightboxes are 30mm, 44mm , 53mm or 70mm thick and they are 53mm double sided ( a powder coated metal frame is welded into a box sign at certain measurements. Standard fluorescent globes are fitted into the box and wired with standard lighting ballasts or led lighting.

White lettering looks really class when they appear pushed thru the face.

These box signs are seen in Australia in a daily basis as they are the most popular type of illuminated signage option. The reason for the trend is they are a premium way of lighting up your message. The face panel normally has a metal face with 3d lettering to create the graphic message.