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Full Perspex Light Boxes. Manufacturing Australia's best quality.


We manufacture full perspex light boxes - Lightboxes give you maximum exposure 24/7. iSpace custom make all our own backlit signs. We can install them under awnings, to a wall or any prominent location for your shop or business.


full perspex light box with raised spray painted letters

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes with 3d spray painted letters.

They come complete with stunning digitally printed translucent graphics to enhance your message. Internally illuminated and with opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces, light boxes are an extremely flexible format that is custom built to your specifications.

perspex under awning light box with aluminium face

Custom lightboxes with anodized faces on a perspex creation.

A light box is the ideal way to advertise your brand. Light boxes are illuminated by fluorescent tubes, so they are inexpensive to run.


full perspex light box with raised fabricated white lettering

We manufacture custom Light Boxes with fabricated lettering popping up.

We can design and build your light box or illuminated sign, we can install and connect as well, using fully licensed electricians. Just give us a call for a free on-site consultation - it couldn't be easier with iSpace.


single sided full perspex light box with vinyl applied to the box

Full translucent light box illuminated creations.

Lightboxes are the most widely-used signs, as a result of their simplicity, cost-effectiveness and impact. All fittings are invisible from the outside, yielding a clean finish, and the dynamic and innovative lightbox can even be adapted to incorporate raised lettering.

perspex under awning light box

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes.

Typically they have vinyl applied to an opal perspex face. Often referred to as the ‘blade’ or ‘sticking out’ sign, the double-sided projection (illuminated or non-illuminated) is ideal for stores with passing traffic. We can arrange a complete design and installation solution, including assistance with obtaining planning permission.

full perspex light box with 3d perspex lettering logo

We manufacture custom made 3d logo's onto full perspex boxes.

Made from perspex, this type of signage is full fabricated according to your custom sizes. It has translucent vinyl graphics applied to entire box.A premium grade polymeric calendered translucent signmaking vinyl for use with light boxes where the film is to be internally illuminated.


side mounted perspex light box

The full lightbox made so it's one colour glowing bright.

The satin 80 micron face film is combined with a crystal clear adhesive and a layflat release liner. Metamark T Series Translucent Vinyl offers outstanding consistency of colour transmission.


outdoor perspex light box with vinyl translucent material

Adding colour to your illuminated sign creations.

These box signs are seen in Australia in a daily basis as they are the most popular type of illuminated signage optionWe custom make all type of illuminated signs and signage.

under awning light box with perspex sides

Glowing in the faces and edges - we can add aluminium into the design.

The result is a three dimensional sign with visual impact. All our signs are finished to the highest standards your choice. iSpace can advise you on the most effective form of illuminated signage for your application, and will provide a design and installation which will give maximum effect to your message, with a long service life.


Custom made lettering of all types sitting on full perspex light boxes

Raised dimensional letters with a side illumination glow add an element of class and sophistication to your facility. They are available in a variety of sizes, type styles and materials. Individual letters are manufactured from a wide variety of materials in different thicknesses.

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes.

Illuminated signs draw attention at night when other signs cannot be seen, and also function as very effective signage during daylight. Our light box faces are long lasting and designed to be high impact.


We manufacture custom made lightboxes with different effects.

Choose an opal acrylic face and we’ll attach digitally printed translucent adhesive vinyl or translucent adhesive vinyl lettering to it. Alternatively, choose a translucent flex face – it can be directly digitally printed or have translucent adhesive vinyl lettering applied.