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Oval Light Box manufacturing - custom made to your sizes. We are experts in producing them.


We manufacture custom made oval illuminated signage. These are for outdoor and indoor use, made in any colour.


oval shape light box

We manufacture oval light boxes in all sizes. Powder coateding of the units.

The image above is of an oval light box. The face of the sign is held in place with a beading which holds the face. The graphics are made from a translucent vinyl.


double sided oval shape light box

We manufacture oval light boxes in all sizes. Both single & double sided units.

The faces can have digital printed graphics. We use our top of the range roland printer to print the graphics on a translucent vinyl. We also apply a clear coat to protect the print from long term fading.


celing mounted oval light box

Oval Light boxes are hard to make that's why they not seen all over the place.

A well designd piece of artwork inside an oval ligt box really looks great. We can design the graphics for you from start to finish offering a full end to end graphic solution.


oval light box with side arm bracket

We manufacture oval shape lightBoxes in stainless steel.

Big brands use oval light boxes to market there services. They have had great results with using this form of signage. The lighting can either florencent or led lighting.


oval light box with translucent graphics

Oval light boxes are simply yet very stylish at the same time.

The faces of the oval lightboxes can be simple vinyl graphics or they can have 3 dimensional graphics applied to the faces. Your immagination can run wold if you like. We also produce round lightboxes.


oval light box powder coated

We powder coat the oval light boxes for outdoor durablity.

Making sure the brackets are at the correct height ensures the sign does not hang down to low. Height restrictions are an important factor to bear in mind when installing the oval light box. Contact us to discuss your project.