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Window Frosting - Vinyl Graphics glass, normally on the in-side of the glass.


Window frosting is the best and most cost effective way to create privacy while still letting in all natural light. Window frosting is an adhesive film that is applied to glass to give the appearance of "frosted glass". Window frosting film does not only give privacy and security, but also adds a decorative look to your home or office.


full window frosting on glass panels

We apply frosting to your windows for both domestic and commercial applications.

We pride ourselves in supplying and installing the highest quality frosting films from around the world and then delivering what we promise whether it is for your home, office or workplace.


window frosting vinyl with cut-out design in the panel of glass

Custom designs can be inclorporated into your window frosting.

We can look after all of your internal signage needs, such as printed and computer cut vinyl decals, aluminum door plaques with interchangeable sliders, with interchangeable sliders, Perspex reception plaques and more.

digital printed logo with window frosting

Custom Logo's produced and fitted to glass. Any logo can be produced.

We work with you to come up with new and exciting design concepts to turn those otherwise plain clear glass spaces in to beautifully frosted glass while adding the privacy that your workspace or home requires.


pattern designed and cut-out section to allow light through the frosted window pattern

Window Frosting with cut-out designs.

Our frosting films are translucent, think of it as being private, allowing warmth and natural light to pass through but diffusing it so that detailed shapes on the opposite side are not clearly visible. These will just be seen as subtle blurred colours.

corporate logo in vinyl with window frosting

Complexed window graphics installed with experience.

We can add your corporate branding and logo with ease which will give a professional and corporate look to your office or work place. You immediately benefit when using Frosting as we apply our translucent frosted films to your existing glass.



window frosting for privacy

Window frosting in bands for privacy.

At iSpace we do a lot more then than just plain frosting, we also supply and install a whole range of attractive decorative films if you want to add character to those plain glass spaces.



retail shop front with frosting

Window frosting and vinyl graphics made and installed.

If it’s a custom or elegant design you are seeking we can print direct on to our films to produce an outstanding result that you can be proud of. We can also cut your wording or logo in these films to give your business that visual edge over your competitors.


Window frosting to homes.

So if you feel that your home, office or workplace needs that visual makeover, get in contact with one of our skillful project managers today to enjoy the experience of your customised glass transformation.