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iSpace - When we started out in 1997  

iSpace started back in 1997 we first opened a Neon Sign company in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was jumping into this advanced industry from the start of our business.


The company was called Neonic Signs and the brand still exists today. We bought a "ferrari" neon machine which we still own and run production on. We started by producing Neon tubing for the signage industry. Quickly growing this business to a team of 15 staff we were supplying neon to sign shops all over the country.


We got to learn the sign game from some of the biggest companies and we got a very good knowledge of all types of signage by working with over 50 sign companies for many years. In 2000 we launched our own signage department where we started servicing companies with all kinds of sign solutions, investing in production machines to manufacture the for service of signage products used in the industry. We carried out thousands of contracts in South African for all types of companies. We still today carry out work in South Africa for some of our anchor clients. We have production facilties in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, were we can create the full spectrum of signage products we offer.


In 2002 the owner immagrated to Sydney Australia, where he set up a signage company right away. Now into the 9th year in Sydney we have serviced thousands of clients in Australia. From franchises to Government departments and top 1000 companies of all kinds. We created a very strong presence on the internet and we have become known as a leading signage provider in Australia. We carry out projects every week in the Australian market and this is the main bread & butter of our income stream. We offer a very high level of custom signage to a mature market. We have a nation wide team of sub-contractor installers who carry out our installations.


In 2009 the owner decided to expand into the USA market. Flying over and setting up manufactring partnerships and facilities to carry out our offer into the USA market. We have been servicing the USA market for over a year now and we bring new innovative methods which we have learned oversees to the USA market.


We feel the USA market is not delivering an amazing offer in the small to medium end of the market.


Our focus is to work with you to bring your signs to life in a fantastic way.


We help businesses of all kinds to really "look the part" present the way you should into todays very competitive market. We draw on our database of over 100000 pictures which we have taken over a 15 year period to understand all the latest trends. The company owners often travel the world to keep a breast of the trends and make sure we offering the most "in vogue" line of signs & signage to the market place.


In 2010 we set up manufacturing facilities in China to produce world class products quickly. China is now the leading country in signage manufacure and we work with some of the best to bring our designs into a tangible reality. We have succesfully set up the production and distribution out of China for some of our product lines. After 6 years in our China Manufacturing we are working with the world's best producers and have partners with 1 company mainly. Client include Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Lious Vuitton, Google, Samsung, Cartier, Fendi - Simply put the best signage Manufacturer in Asia.


The slim line light box market is one of the key focusses of growing iSpace in the USA market. We will be pushing to become the leading online signage company in the USA. Our vision is to become known if the market place for upscale signage solutions ( real architectural style custom signage) more complicated lettering with the end result bringing world class signage direct to the comsumer through the internet.


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