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Stainless Steel on perspex - A more afforable option in Stainless Steel.


We manufacture custom Stainless Steel Lettering mounted on perspex. If your business requires a stunning sign or structure please contact us by phone or email and access over 20 years of experience providing clients with the very best stainless steel signage offering.


stainless steellogo on white acrylic to illuminate

Stainless Steel on perspex is a cheaper option for stainless steel signs.

Stainless steel lettering with Perspex are made in the same size as the perspex set and stuck together to form one complete set of letters.Our mission is quality signage created to improve your businesses bottom line. Let us help upgrade your business image with stainless steel letters and signage.


stainless steel face on white acrylic double layer signage

Stainless steel letters/numbers offer high quality durability with low maintenance requirements.

Stainless Steel could very well be the metal of the 21st Century. Its beautiful shiny lustre and ability to combat corrosion, with the fact it is 100% recyclable, make it the man-made metal whose time has come. The faces are normally a 1.6mm stainless steel. They often used to create an impression where white is needed to highlight the stainless steel on a surface.


stainless steel lettering on white acrylic letters applied to windows

We provide stainless steel signs in 2 forms, brushed or mirror finished mounted on perspex.

We can replicate custom fonts and artwork with our state-of-the-art computer technology and graphics software. Stainless steel offers a wide range of unique finishes, from mirror polished to decorative brushed linished finish.

stainless steel faces on illuminated letters

Now becoming more popular than ever Stainless steel makes your business ultra modern.

Stainless steel is becoming more and more popular as cut-out letters and as an engraving medium. It has a timeless quality, much like that of aluminum, brass and bronze. By adding lighting to the creation of the letters it creates a striking sign at all times.


stainless steel letters on white perspex letters

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes.

Cut Stainless Steel Letters and logos provide a sophisticated, professional, and distinctive image. Whether you are looking to display your company name or logo on a corporate reception wall or lobby, outdoors on a monument sign or building facade, or in a retail establishment.


stainless steel with a back lit glow

We manufacture custom made Lettering of all types.

Cut-out Stainless Steel Letters and Logos are cut from only the highest quality solid stainless steel plate, and are available in a natural satin and polished finish in a variety of thicknesses. Letters can precisely replicate the shape of your custom logo and font, or use one of many standard fonts, to protect and promote your image and visual identity.

raised stainless steel letters

Mirror polished stainless steel letters on clear perspex

We specialize in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of prestige bespoke stainless steel signs, letters, displays and sculptures.Our in-house facilities provide the expertise to construct the most challenging of designs.

stainless steel letters with clear perspex

We manufacture custom made Lettering of all types.

Our quality control ensures that we manufacture to the highest specification using the best materials. Choosing to use this durable material guarantees the long life of the installation, we offer to maintain the work we carry out, providing cleaning and general maintenance services if you require.