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The importance of reception signs and office branding & signage


In any business, first impressions count - which is why successful business owners understand the importance of having well-constructed and professional reception signs and signage.The reception area of any business is the place where the consumer and company meet for the first time.

For this reason, reception signage needs to

a) make a statement,

b) create an ambience,

c) win the customer’s confidence and

d) make a lasting impression.

For a company, reception signage provides the perfect opportunity to reinforce its image, values, corporate identity and brand while improving the work environment for customers and employees alike.


Superior service

As a company that has been designing and manufacturing reception signage for almost a decade, iSpace is able to offer comprehensive reception signage solutions covering the full-service spectrum from design through to delivery and installation.

From the initial stage and where on-site visits are not possible, all a company needs to do is send through its art work and/or photographs of its reception area, and the iSpace in-house design team will do the rest. iSpace will harmonise a business’s themes, logos and colours to create reception signage that speaks for itself.

Once the signage design is approved the design team works closely with interior decorators, shop fitters and an installation team to ensure the highest quality finishing touches and workmanship for any reception signs and signage system.

Product choice

In line with our service offering, iSpace offers a range of products to suit the client’s budget. iSpace works with a range of materials that include: acrylic, alucobond, aluminium, metal, polished glass, Perspex, wood, stainless steel, vinyl and many other substrates. Electronic and LED-illuminated lighting, as well as neon in an array of colours and translucent films, are also used for reception signage and display systems.

Design styles

Reception signage materials can be laser- or router-cut and coated with many finishes from polyurethane to wood. Lettering styles in vinyl, acrylic or thick-cut Perspex can be three-dimensional and fabricated to give a reception area a crisp and modern look. Techniques such as engraving, casting, silk screening, metalising, sandblasting, foiling, doming and digital printing are also used to create superior products.Creative solutions
Signage makers are also able to offer their clients a range of creative solutions. A product like glass, for example, can be used to create reception signage that is both functional and decorative.

Consider the following options:

- Stainless steel lettering enclosed in illuminated glass, to create a sparkling effect
- Coloured glass with lighting and logos for dramatic effect
- Stylised graphics in vinyl films displayed on office windows
- Frosted office partitions to create a sense of privacy

The creative potential is limitless.

Business value

As a business tool reception signage is important for its marketing, media and communications value. The range of marketing related reception signs include:

- Stainless Steel Signage
- Information displays in perspex
- Interchangeable aluminium light boxes
- Glass receptions signs
- Engraved Plaques
- Window Frosting
- Promotional signage
- Slim-light boxes with poster
- Wall-mounted reception signs

Customer satisfaction

As a company that understands the importance of customer satisfaction, iSpace creates and delivers reception signage across Australia within a guaranteed 17-21 day turnaround time. iSpace understands that professional and creative reception signage is as much a hallmark of a successful business as customer satisfaction is. View some of our word by clicking this link.