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Polystyene Signage - Made any thickness up to 2.6 meter high Letters.


We manufacture custom made polystyrne Signage. These are for outdoor and indoor use, made in any size or colour.


We manufacture custom made polysytrene letters of all sizes. These are painted with a water based paint.

We use wire cutters which work in an x & y manner using wire cutting technology. We begin the process by inserting a massive block of polystyrne into a cutting bed. Computer aided systems send the data to the wire cutter which then melts into the polystyrene to form the shapes required.

Custom make each item according to size, making sure the cutting is done completely accurate.

The picture above of the yellow "SALE" lettering was painted with 3 coates of paint. These type of letters are often used for promoting a sale inside a retail store window.

We Polystryene Signage be be layered and joined together.

The image above shows 3 layers of cut-out shapes stuck together to form one final shape. The item was first bonded then only painted in a metallic water based paint. We ensure the letters are not damaged during the painting process.


We manufacture Signage using Polystyrne for retail displays.

The image above of the pruple back round is one shape which was painted in a purple colour. The letters are individual letters painted and then stuck onto the base to form the sign. The whole construction becomes one unit which is easily transportable.


The Polystyrene Letters can be stacked on top of each other..

The Lettering is normally produced at a size where is becomes self standing. The thickness would depend on the height of the letters. The bigger the letter size the thicker we normally make them to self stand. As an example a 1500mm height would be 250mm thick.


Letters use for trade show purposes having a sort lifespan.

The image above the letters were 2000mm high. They were set up on stage at an event. The letters are normally stuck down with a velco adhesive to ensure they don't fall over. Extreme caution needs to be taken when transporting polystryene signage.

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes.

The image below is of what we call a standard style outdoor light box. The face of the light box. We manufactu to the face of the light box. We manufa of lightboxes - click here to see the sizesizes of lightboxes - click here to se The image below is of what we call a

We manufacture custom made Lettering of all types.

The image above is of lettering in the manufacture phase. is of what we call a standard style ouof what we call a