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iSpace Australian Company Story


We started back in 1997 we first opened a Neon Sign company in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was jumping into this advanced industry from the start of our business. In the South African market we carried out thousands of successful contracts working with some of the biggest shopping centers in the country doing all forms of retail & shopping centre signage projects.


The company was called Neonic Signs and the brand still exists today. Neon signage was out focus at the beggining and we created some very complicated Neon projects which included flashes and dimmers. We sold neon through a retail outlet where we moved serveral hundered signs, we dressed up high clubs with large amounts of custom neon signage. We moved into the corporate market after a few years and started creating corporate identities of all sizes. From factory namings to corporate office parks. We still carry out projects today in South Africa with some clients have used us for over a decade for some of our anchor clients. We have production facilties in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, were we can create the full spectrum of signage products we offer.


Here is the first article written on Neonic Signs back in 1998 - Download by clicking on the image

Magazine Cover contest won the Sign and Graphics competition 1999 - Published as the Magazine front Cover in 1999. Click to download


Full 2 Page article spread across the Signs & Graphics Magazine on Neon written by "Marc Levy in 2002. Click the image to download.


In 2002 the owner immagrated to Sydney Australia, where he set up a signage company right away. Now into the 13th year in Sydney we have serviced thousands of clients in Australia. iSpace has firmly secured an impressive portfolio of achievements in Australia boosting to be one of the best Signage providers in the Australian market place. We work with national and international brands focused on implementation branded environments achieving amazing results.


This artcile was written in 2004 and published in the April / May 2004 Edition of Visual Impact Magazine.

From franchises to Government departments and top 1000 companies of all kinds. We created a very strong presence on the internet and we have become known as a leading signage provider in Australia. We apply knowledge, technology and production expertise to every job we undertake, specialising in delivering quality products in the built environment with signage and branding.


After taking 3 years to build the iSpace first website at www.ispace.com.au. A full 1 page article published 2007 in the leading Webdesign Magazine in the UK - called Web Designer

Our long term vision is to become a global signage company with offices in Europe exporting signs to all corners of the world.


We have viewers looking at our site from over 110 countries in the world. If you located in a country outside of Australia email us and we will respond to your project inquiry and hopefully we can deliver the solution your require.


After providing world class Signage in the Australian market for 10 years a full 3 page spread was written on iSpace and publish in the leading Magazine called Visual impact. Published in the May / June editions - click the image to download.


We have a documented history of proof we a world leaing Signage company. Feel free to cal us today on 1800 729 133 to discuss your project in detail.