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Office Signage Specialists. Manufacturing Australia's best quality custom creations.


We custom manufacture corporate office signage to the highest quality in Australia. Whether your office wants lobby signage with the traditional look of cut-out bronze, copper, or brass signs, the modern look of a stainless steel sign or something entirely different, look no further than iSpace. Around the country, our signs and plaques project confidence and authority in offices to make a first class impression that counts.


Office signs for law firm

We manufacture custom made office signage of all sizes. Bringing fancy creations to your office environments.

We offer a wide selection of custom interior and exterior office signs including feature wall office sign combining spray painting techniques & stainless steel signage.


office signage

Custom spray painted feature wall reception signage crafted to perfection.

Our client base ranges in all sizes, from large global corporate offices, to local businesses and organizations nationwide. We handle projects which span across all of Australia. We look forward to working with you on your office sign project.

office signage with stainles steel letters

We design produce and install custom signs, business signs, & corporate office signs.

We fabricated stainless steel lettering to absolute perfection. This style of lettering is hollow on the inside and allow us to install led lighting to create a halo type of effect. More info about reception signs on this link.


illuminated office sign created for the Australian goverment

Slim line light boxes used inside office reception entrances.

We are driven by our passion and purpose every day to create beautiful architectural signage that builds your brand and corporate identity.

amazing office sign with fabricated letters in stainless steel

When you’re looking for premium-quality materials & expert craftsmanship, trust the professionals.

The image below is a combination of spray painted metal letters and brushed fabricated stainless steel lettering.


office sign with raised lettering

You’ll deal directly with the manufacturer, as our highly talented team creates interior & exterior custom signs

Office Signage Experts take time to understand your space in order to recommend the correct solution. Read more about the process on this link.

office sign close up showing finish of the letters

Regardless of the size of your organization, you’ll receive impressive attention to detail & customer service.

We produce lettering in all different thicknesses and paint finishes. Three dimensional signage adds a whole level of class to your business. Read more info on reception office signage on this link.


office sign with 2 layers mounted to back board

You’ll work with a knowledgeable team who is fully qualified to help you select the best materials, products & finishes for your business signs.

The image above is of lettering mounted using a triplicate solution. The faces are metal with a black carbon fibre chrome finish. Stuck onto a set of black raised letters then raised away from the surface using white letters.

office sign with drop shaddow effect

Installation Available on All Custom Signs Nationwide

Offering practically all types of business signs including glass, acrylic and custom metal signs, three-dimensional letters, metal plaques & more.


office sign with stainless steel fabricated lettering

Fast Turnaround on Custom Signs, Metal Letters & Stainless Signage.

We’re happy to accommodate rush orders on all the custom signs, letters and plaques we produce. Stainless steel fabricated signage is regarded as the top of the range type of solution.

corporate office sign with shadow effect

Manufacturing custom made office signs.

We make office and reception signs using acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, tatanium, glass, MDF. Vinyl graphics & 3-Dimensional painted letters are some of our options , we will advise you on the correct alternative to bring your logo into reality.


office sign which involved spray painting 7 colours

We manufacture custom made Lettering of all types.

We specializes in premium-quality office signage you won’t find at local sign shops. Our master craftsmen use only architectural-grade materials and creative designs to produce office signs that reflect the professional image you want to portray.

solid stainless steel office sign with linished matt finish

Experts in office logo Sign creation.

Brushed solid stainless steel mounted with pin fixings is a very upmarket way of displaying your company logo. We offer a nationwide professional installation service for the plaques, custom letters and business signs we produce.


office sign with glass and fabricated stainless steel letters

Masters of bringing corporate logo's into reality.

Signage can be mounted to clear acrylic or glass panels and pin-mounted off walls with stainless steel stand-offs. The stainless steel can be brushed or polished to a mirror chrome. The above logo has a combination of both finishes.

office signage with shadow effect and stainless steel lettering

Custom manufactured Office Signage.

For the handy type if you choose to do your own installation, we can ship your order anywhere in the world. It will arrive ready to install with hardware and installation templates included.


mdf wood spray painted lettering office sign plus stainless steel letters

Custom made Lettering & logo's of all types.

Our corporate lobby signs are available in a wide variety of materials, finishes, colors and mounting options, so you’ll end up with the sign that is ideal for your space, image, decor and budget.

office sign for first focus IT

Absolute experts in 3d reception signs.

Choose from a variety of architectural grade metals , acrylic or real metals. Each letter and piece of your logo is individually cut and mounted on your wall.


office sign for corporate suit with spray apinted letters and stainless steel letters together creating an amazing effect

Bringing corporate logo's and business identification into reality.

We truly believe we the best in Australia offering corporate office signage. Our portfolio speaks for ourselves on every level.

office sign in the Sydney office for Asurion

Custom spray painted signs in a gloss finish.

Choose your corporate signs made from materials such as cut metals, cut acrylic or etched glass. We Create panel-type signs and signs with individually mounted letters.


office sign spray painted in gloss paint

Sign Lettering layered to create a brilliant effect.

Let us help you turn your vision into reality with the look of your front image. A combination of proven skills and imagination is why we stand out as the leading office signage company in Australia.

feature wall office sign with thick spray painted letters

Handling any type of logo creation in any depths.

Creating thick style lettering can pose a challenge as it's difficult to cut with a normal cnc router. We use laser cutters for materials thicker than 22mm. This sign is 50mm thick.


feature wall office sign with digital printing in the logo

Blending digital printed graphics of a logo into a 3d shape.

This feature wall office sign involved custom spray painted units in a polyurethane gloss type of paint finish. The leaf has digital printing to capture the detail of the design.

office sign in stainless steel with halo effect lighting

Stainless Steel custom logo Sign with a slight white perspex glow.

Set inside these metal letters are led modules which light up the sign from the inside. The white perspex glow was used as subtle effect.


office sign on glass back round with raised lettering and stainless steel bolts

Glass Sign with 3 dimensional letters stuck onto the face of the panel.

Thick clear glass signage. Laser-cutting and custom spray painting the details of the logos bring the sign into reality in a lovely manner.

office sign custom made with spray painting in a gloss paint.

20mm gloss custom spray painted letters applied directly to the wall surface.

Just as important as outdoor signage all indoor aspect for any business is equally important, your internal impression speaks volumes.

office sign applied to the feature wall with the logo made in layers

Different Layers of mdf form the 7d logo shape in this sign creation.

When it comes to any successful businesses marketing strategy, office reception signs is a key concept that should never be overlooked.


office sign with lettering in 3d painted on a glass panel with stainless steel sign fixings

Brilliant crafted Glass Signage makes a real statement.

Placing your sign on a panel adds an architectural element, makes it stand out and also makes it easier to install and move. Choose from a variety of panels including clear or frosted acrylic, glass, brushed aluminum & wood.


individual lettering spray painted to make up an office sign creation

We manufacture custom made Lettering of all types.

Especially when there is a limited time to notice the sign, it means that indirectly your brand on the wall creates a feeling of an established business. This means that a great creation will add value to your company.

office sign with 3d letters and a mounted image with professional edging.

Incorporating digital printing image into a feature wall signage.

This project involved something a little different. The design firm wanted to include the feature wall image that's used as a strong reference point in there marketing mix into the entrance as a main form of signage.

glass sign with stainless steel bolts

Masters of Glass Sign creations in Sydney.

Glass by it's self is an attractive platform to work on, by adding chunky real stainless steel bolts creates the perfect platform to illustrate branding. Then further enhacing the creation by adding beautifully spray painted letters is the perfect mix for office signage.


a feature wall office sign with letters creating a drop shaddow effect

Custom Signage located in Marrickville Sydney.

This custom sign has become a feature wall display as a main form of branding inside the Cafe on the back wall. Each letter was router cut on a cnc machine and painted in polyurathane spray paint finish with pin fixings to raise it off the wall.


a close up of an office sign with layers

Look closely at this sign you will notice 3 leyers of letters.

The sign comprises of first a white set to raise it off the back round surface then a thick 20mm set which was cistom spray painted in a black gloss paint and the face has a chrome black set to finish off this amazing looking sign.

clean cut sharp lines on 3d letters creating an up market office sign

Gloss black spray painted logo as a feature wall sign.

We've designed custom office signs for professionals & corporations around the globe. This Sign was raised off the wall to create a drop shaddow on purpose.


a glass sign with raised letters including a logo which has blends so it required digital printing

Glass Sign with digital printing of 3 dimensional objects.

Our internal reception signage is a great way to create a visually striking and highly customisable. We often use glass signage as way to add a great look to a businesses front image.

feature wall reception office sign

Retail Signage & branding inside creating a statement.

Creating increased brand visibility and engagement where it counts at eye level to bring your brand to life in a physical 3d format. We often suggest having a drop shaddow to create another dimension to the creation.


close up of office sign with 3d letters and stainless steel letters creating a fantastic office sign in sydney

Blending Stainless Steel into an office sign.

The small letters of the business tagline were fabricated out of stainless steel. Notice the sides of the small tagline letters have stainless steel faces and returns of the letters. The main letters were purposely raised of the surface.

printed and mounted image for an office sign project

Office signs with digital printed graphics.

This project was installed in a front office space in the Sydney city and part of the creation was to mount this digital printed lifestyle image onto timber spray painted beams in orange which were coated in a polyurthane coating.


head office office sign creation

Logo office sign created for a master franchisor.

We wanted to ensure a very clean professional image was created with this branding. The leaf section of the logo was digitally printed and applied to the cut out shape to capture the detail. The letters were also raised away from the surface slightly to create a drop shaddow.

office sign with raised stainless steel letters creating a drop shadow effect

Stainless Steel faces applied to cut-out spray painted letters.

This highly acclaimed international brand was busy setting up offices in Sydney and wanted a sign which elovated the Bugaboo brand and gave off a first class impression. Something classic and timeless. We recommended stainless steel faces on cream 20mm thick spray painted letters pinned off the wall.


office sign with letters mounted to a panel spray painted

National roll out for PPB across 11 locations in Australia.

This project was undertaken for a large company where a national roll out across 11 sites was to be completed in a very short space of time when Sims Partners merged with Ppb. We rolled this project out with our national installtion network with precision.

stainless steel fabricated office sign for a law firm

Brilliantly formed 3d stainless steel letters for 2 locations in Sydney.

Making a statement with stainless steel signs is a proven formula for an outstanding result when it comes to office signage. The sprakle of the stainless steel material fabricated to perfection in lettering looks fabulous. We specially raised the lettering to add an additional dynamic component


office sign with 3d letters spray painted and stainless steel letters

Masters of bringing corporate logo's into reality.

As market leader in the implementation of high impact brands and national brand rollout programs, iSpace is a very reliable manufacturer that you can rely on. Once we have designed your signage to best reflect your brand requirements, our in-house team produces it to the highest quality standards.

stainless steel letters on a white perspex lettering

Stainless Steel faces applied to cut out white perspex lettering.

When a clients budget is slightly limited and they want a smart look without going for the best we suggest this type of solution. We use the latest technologies, design materials and production processes from around the world, testing them for durability and suitability for the long term.


glass signage with 3d lettering and stainless steel bolts

Our Glass sign creatios are stylish and fabulous.

What makes our glass signs so special are the amazing stainless steel bolts which we import from Germany. The maching on the stainless steel bolts is amazing, they top of the range style bolts. Added to the glass surface are 3d cut out letters which are custom spray painted according the logo pms colors.

office sign in brass with spray painted lettering

Solid Brass pieces which form the logo together with metal spray painted letters.

This is a real feature on the reception wall of this high quality dental surgery located in Darling Habour Sydney. The metal logo was created in a stainless steel and then sent for electroplating to a gold colour to represent brass. We used this methond becuase brass tarnishes very badly from the oxidation.


a close up image showing fabricated office signs in metal

Stainless Steel Fabricated Lettering which have a brushed finish effect.

The letters are hand fabricated to perfection. It's an extremely complexed signage to produce. With a wide range of finishes and mounting options, iSpace will help you create the ideal stainless steel sign for your organization. As masters of fabricated and waterjet-cut solid stainless steel signs and logos, we deliver premium-quality results.

trade show signage for a business

We manufacture Signs for trade shows.

At iSpace, our architectural-grade cut metal letters are durable and trusted by contractors, corporations, organizations, and business owners across the nation. Our indoor and outdoor cut metal sign letters are available in wide range of metals including aluminum, stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel, copper, brass and bronze and come with a lifetime guarantee.


a glass sign with hand spray apinted lettering

We manufacture glass signs for corporate reception area's.

iSpace is an established sign company that specializes in design and fabrication of business signs , office signs, 3D SIGNS, reception and lobby signs as well as exterior business signs (please ask for details ). We are engaged in custom design and fabrication in the form of 3D Signage.

stainless steel office sign with matt linished look

Handling any type of logo creation in metal.

We supply direct to you the full range of cnc and laser cut metal wall letters, fabricated metal signs, building signs and architectural projects. Signwriters, construction companies, designers all use our services which include full design, manufacture and installation.


fabricated brass sign with white halo illumination

Masters of brass fabricated Signs with a halow effect.

Metal is the supreme material when it comes to fabricated outdoor signage. Strong and durable it can be folded, rolled cut and welded by an experienced signmaker into almost any shape. We fabricate aluminium, brass, stainless steel and chromed steel plate lettering and signs.