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Neon Signage Specialists. Manufacturing Custom Neon Signs.


We manufacture custom Neon Signage & Lettering for indoor & outdoors. Whatever your Neon imagaination is we can produce it.


neon sign with led lights

We manufacture custom made Neon signs of all sizes. From simple to complex creations.

The image above is of a Neon Sign in fabricated Metal Lettering.


neon sign mounted in a persepx box

Custom fabricate Neon Signs with perspex covering for external use.

The Neon sign has a protective perspex casing to allow for outdoor weather protection. All wiring is hidden inside the box creation.


complexed neon sign with 3 colours on shop front retail store

We manufacture custom complexed Neon Signage for retail shops fronts..

The image above is of a detailed Neon with outlines to create a dazzling effect..

double tube neon sign with white boarder

We manufacture double tube Neon - when the letter is outlined.

The image above is a double tube neon. We have used 3 colours of neon which always looks reall great. It just catches the eye perfectly.


sign neon in window close up photo

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes.

The image below is of what we call a standard style outdoor light box. The face of the light box.


neon sign at night time

Combining Neon with Led's and placign the Neon is metal fabricated Lettering.

The image above was taken at night so you get the idea of what it looks like in the night time. The day time and night time give off a different look.


yello oval neon sign

We manufacture custom make Neon signs in all colours.

Yellow Neon is one of the most expensive colours as the glass is a yellow glass which is coated - regarded as the premiuim neon option.


neon sign letters glowing

We manufacture custom Neon Signs for your retail shop.

The image above is of exposed Neon Lettering sitting on an ovalshape fabricated item in stainless steel. The Red wording is in a 10mm red spray painted material.


neon sign on black box single tube

Neon Sign produced for an event for Sony Playstation.

The image above shows red neon. We used a cloated glass in red for a very blood red colour option. The Lettering behind is in a 3 dimension to give a very upmarket look.

white neon sign letters

White Neon is a clean option, it has become very popular recently.

The Neon tubing was placed on a tinted grey perspex for this very slick neon sign. Simplicity is sometimes wonderful way to go about your project.


neon sign double tube with day time lettering

Neon Signage made in layers to capture all the detail.

The sign was produced using layers which was biult up to form this creation. the face of the light box. The image below is of what we call a

neon sign in purple as halo effect

Halo lightign with Neon tubing placed behind the letters.

A very strong purple halo was created for a more subtle kind of illumianted effect. Led's are not avaoable in purple so Neon was the right option.


neon signage on black box

We manufacture custom make all kinds of Neon signage in Sydney.

The image shows a neon sign with 3d lettering in a white and blue. Custom made for a recording studio.

neon tubing in fabricated perspex letters

A close up photo showing pink Neon set in clear fabrciated perspex Lettering.

We believe our portfolio speaks for itself. Covering all types of illuminated signage. Contact us to discuss your signage requirements.


neon sign on perspex light box

Neon combined with a lightbox and glass panel Sign.

This creation was used on top of a freezer to create a fantastic impression for a gelato brand. Placing the product in the top tier right away.


clean neon sign in clear perspex box

Neon mounted on a very neat perspex contructed boxes.

The neon transformer sat in a very neat box to compliment the tidy clear creation. All neon signs have to have a neon power transformer.


neon signage in fabricated metal lettering

Custom produced Neon signage for superior effectiveness.

A well planned construction of a neon sign involves hidding all the wiring completely. The final neon sign will be made in a manner where it's neat and tidy leaving no visable wires seen.


neon tubes mounted in neon signage face

We manufacture custom made Neon signs

Mounting neon tubes in alignmnet will effect the overall impact of the sign. Making sure the lettering is all evenly mounted ensures a professional looking end result for the neon sign.


green coated glass neon sign

Old style Neon signs made in Sydney Australia.

It's become trendy to make neon signs appear as if thye are aged creations. Adding special paint finishes can achieve this look. Having a yellow boarder really enhances the neon sign creation.


neon art sign

We manufacture custom made Neon signs

Neon art is a really cool and fun medium to explore for creative people looking for the wow factor. We have produced hundreds of neon art signs.


accurately bend neon tubing

Custom made Neon signage in Sydney

Neon glass bent perfectly to fit inside metal fabricated letters so the neon sign looks very stylish and well produced.

neon artist signs

Artist Neon signs and Beer signs in Neon glass.

Neon signs can be used in very crative fun ways when exploring the artistic medium. Popular logo's can be created in Neon glass.


neon window sign in clear perspex box

We manufacture custom made Neon signs

Neon sign custom made in Sydney. Adding vinyl to the back round so the neon sign can be seen in the day time.


We manufacture custom made Neon signs

Custom made neon signage in Australia. Manufacturing neon signs to look like they old sign types.

double tube neon signs in yellow

Double tube Neon signs in yellow coated glass.

Neon signs are a bold way of speaking to your audience. Mounting them on clear perspex insode windows allowsd the view to be unharmed.


vip neon sign in metal letters

Neon sign mounted inside metal letters

Neon with led's in the neon sign. Neon made to fit inside fabricated metal letters. Adding led's can really create a bold impression.

retail shopping centre neon signs

We manufacture custom made Neon signs

Retail storefront neon signage can be very effective in a shoppig mall. By incorporating them into fabricated letters adds a professional image to the neon sign creation.


neon sign with spray painted mdf letters

We manufacture Neon with 3d mdf sprayed letters.

Coated glass in purple is part of the premiuim range of neon colours. Having letters in the same colour brings out the neon tubes.

neon sign on clear perspex not on

Neon signs mounted on a clear base unit.

Custom making neon signs in all types of ways. We custom make your creations by working closely with you to achieve your goals.


metal fabricated letters before the neon is installed

Neon signs mounted in fabricated letters.

Neon letters look fantastic when mounted in 3d fabricated letters. Covering all types of illuminated signage. We add led lighting into our neon creations.

window sign in neon glass

Window Neon signs have a clear prspex back round.

Neon tubing nakes in the windows is a simple format of creation a neon sign. Mixing 3 colours is a good mixture to create a strong catchy neon sign.


Neon sign being bent into shape by neon glass bending artist.

Neon glass is bent over a flame to shape the neon tubes according to a paper template. This is a skill which is very hard to master.