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Glass Signs with 3d Lettering - Bringing Corporate Logo's to life on Glass.


We’ve conceptualised, created, installed and maintained signs and signage projects for applications as diverse as wholesalers, stores and shops, TV backdrops, restrooms, schools, universities, food shops and supermarkets - and hundreds of other branding, marketing, advertising and promotional expressions.


glass sign with stainless steel fabricated lettering applied and stainless steel bolts

Use glass is a way of creating an interesting persection of upper class signage.

iSpace has it's very own style of creating 3 dimentional signage on glass with laser cut letters and hand spraying coulour with perfect pantone paint matches. These signs are often mounted with stainless steel holding pins which add to the brilliance of the super shick look and feel

glass sign large with metal fixings and logo apllied to teh face of the sign

Often light bounces a shadow which also creates a natural 3 dimentional effect which looks fantastic.

When was the last time you took a good look at your business through the eyes of your customers? Signage is one of the best ways for customers to form a perception of your business.


glass sign with 3d letters spray painted

We set the standards for product quality through our many years of experience and knowhow of the signage industry.

Signage is a superb marketing communication tool. With the right design, a sign can increase your customer flow, help your business to stand out from the competition and increase your turnover whilst reinforcing your brand.


glass sign with 3d lettering which has been spray painted in a gloss paint

Clear Advantages over our competitors. We’re aware that superb signage knowledge must be accompanied by the best service.

Polished glass signs are made from 6mm glass with polished edges. The signs have a hole at each end used for fixing the sign. The graphics are applied in a vinyl or may in a 3d manner. Glass signs are suitable for exposed areas.

glass signage with stainless steel bolt type fixings

It’s refelective nature can be used to enhance your logo & really make your sign sparkle.

iSpace has its own manufacturing plant with the latest equipment. Indeed, every sign is manufactured to perfection, by experienced artisans who take exquisite care and who have an abiding passion for their trade. You need to create the most visually impactful products, in order to set ourselves apart from the rest.


glass sign with 3d lettering mounted the face of the glass and stainless steel bolts holding the sign to the wall

iSpace works closely with clients, creating solutions that are suited to each individual business.

We cover all kinds of retail, commercial and architectural signage including more specific things like Ultra-Slim Light boxes, fabricated lettering and neon signage solutions. We take great pride in producing signs that will perform beyond the call of duty. We specify only the best materials available and our products are carefully inspected before delivery to ensure the highest standard of quality.


glass sign with logo and sign fixngs in metal

iSpace is not your typical signage shop, nor your run-of-the-mill sign-maker. We go further, producing ground-breaking concepts to meet your signage requirements.

As experienced sign designers, we at iSpace can provide you with a range of non-illuminated signage solutions using creative design techniques and colours to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your sign and the overall identity of your facility.


glass sign for office area with logo digital printed

iSpace has clear advantages over our competitors, due to aspects like our innovative services, unique strategies, dynamic approach and varied product offerings.

In today’s competitive world, it's not just about catching the eye. It’s about using signs and signage to draw a crowd, to stimulate conversation, to create enthusiasm and ultimately, to drive sales volumes.


10mm glass panel sign with raised lettering

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes.

So whether you’re after retail signage, window signs, fascia signs, digital printing, magnetic signage, sign-writing, under-awning signage, fabricated Metal letters, illuminated signs, or attention-grabbers of any size, shape or form, iSpace is the answer.


We manufacture custom made Lettering of all types.

We cover national signage roll-out's all over Australia, you can be sure that our staff will provide you with good advice and quality signage solutions. With a nationwide network of qualified and experienced installers so whether you are in a major city or in a rural area, you can be confident we will have your signage installed quickly and hassle-free.