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Custom Gaming Signage Specialists. Manufacturing Australia's best quality hands down.


We manufacture custom gaming signage for vip pokie rooms. Proven results working with leading hotel operators in Australia.


single sided light box with gaming theme and led flashing lights

We manufacture custom made Vip light box Signage. Mastering these creations to improve your branded environments.

With the right design, a sign can increase your customer flow immensely, help your business stand out from the competition and increase your turnover whilst re-enforcing your brand to keep customers coming back.


Custom fabricated Neon signage & Pokie gaming signage for your Club and Pub environment. Experts in Gaming Signage.

We also do the full range of signage including stainless steel signs, aluminium, copper, brass or Mdf spray painted letters cut to any shape. Whether you require stainless steel, aluminium, Alucobond or MDF letters iSpace can supply and install these for you.

outdoor gaming lightbox sign

We manufacture custom Light Boxes with Led's with flashers to create a dazzling effect.

Our state-of-the-art routers and ability to 2 pac or powder coat your signage ensures great finishes and results that will last. iSpace have cost effective solutions that will transform your gaming room and increase your turnover. We have documented proof over achieving over 300% growth for a leading company in Australia.


vip gaming sign double sided light box

We manufacture LightBoxes which are all perspex.

Often referred to as the blade or sticking out sign, the double-sided projection (illuminated or non-illuminated) is ideal for gaming venues to attract passing by traffic. iSpace can arrange a complete re-design, manufacture and installation of your signage solution, including assistance with obtaining planning permission.


vip lounge neon sign for gaming venue

Neon signage used in the gaming industry to achive results.

Meshing & merging colour and light, signage-makers have the ability to improve your gaming signage and enables harmonise business growth. Looking for an increase in the bottom line ? Neon can dramatically improve the mood and feel of your environment. Have you got Neon in your venue at the moment? You have to wonder why Las Vegas is the signage capital of the world?


round light box for gaming room with flashing led lights

Circular Gaming Signage - Proven results which speak for themselves.

Signage can have a dynamic tapestry of purpose & meaning that give your environment an increased customer experience. Most retailer stores use either large format graphics applied to window fronts, above fascia light boxes , combined with round light boxes or fabricated letters or a combination of all of these items to improve their gaming signage. We can help you with every part of your gaming signage solution.


custom neon sign for gaming venue

Complexed Neon Signs are our speciality, taking Signage to the next level.

iSpace specialises in the scheduling, design, manufacture and installation of signs for major architectural projects and international brands. iSpace has a depth of knowledge in all areas of sign making and installation with clients that operate in all the major commercial sectors including retail, leisure and finance industries.


pokies neon sign with led's which flash

Neon Letters in metal fabricated letters with flashing led's.

The entire iSpace team is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality of products and services. This approach has enabled us to expand rapidly over the last few years and for us to have become the company of choice for complex and demanding signing projects. We have our own in-house Neon production where we bend neon glass and pump the units.

vip gaming sign light box with digital printed face mounted to opal perspex

We manufacture custom made light Boxes of all sizes.

Boasting simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, lightboxes consist of a lightweight aluminium extrusion encasing an acrylic panel on which vinyl text is applied. Fluorescent tubes rest behind the acrylic panel within the box, making lightboxes tidy signs on which all of the fittings are invisible. Lightboxes can be adapted to incorporate raised lettering or we have our own unique design of slim light boxes with 3d lettering.


vip opening hours gaming signage with illuminated graphics and led lighting

We manufacture custom made Lettering of all types.

Unleash your creativity with Signage. Our computer programmed cnc router will precisely cut your graphics and artwork to intricate details, and your choices are almost as limitless as is your creativity, our gaming signage is available in aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and steel to a variety of finishes and colors. We will work with your company to design, manufacture and install your gaming signage solutions.


circular light box with vip gaming logo

We manufacture custom made Circular Light Boxes of all sizes.

iSpace offers a variety of attractive and lasting gaming signage solutions that can incorporate your logo, colors and graphics in a professional, visually pleasing manner. Stainless steel & Aluminium fabrication is a real art, and our staff in our steel department are the extremely talented. The workmanshop they produced is exceptional and they are not limited by size. We can handle massive order sizes with our metal signage facility.


round light box double sided with led lighting which flashes

Powder coating our signage ensures it's durable, economical & of a high standard.

This is very good for the long term as it ensures that the box does not rust and lasts for many years. Joins are placed in the box using thin rods to ensure this does not effect the overall light output. Round Light Boxes create a great look for your gaming venue. Led's flashing really increases the awareness of the gaming theme. The market is used to seeing flashing signage being related to the gaming industry.


light box sign with vip gaming artwork

We manufacture custom made light Boxes with detailed graphics and led's.

These are standard light boxes that you see under-awnings mounted from down poles however the item in the picture has raised lettering and led's. These are also mounted to walls and ceilings. The following characteristics: The box is first manufactured from an aluminum extrusion and welded into a box. This empty box is then powder coated in the colour which is desired. We then wire the box and create the faces of the signs.


vip gaming lounge neon sign

Vip Gaming Signage Experts.

Using Neon Signage to add a "pop" to your gaming venues. The increasing level of international competition for top end gaming environments is forcing gaming venues to wake up to the fact that they need to improve there brand awareness to be an industry leader in there VIP gaming facilities. The full gamut of iSpaces capabilities - to design, manufacturing & project management expertise to all projects. Each hotel venue site has its own specific circumstances to be taken into account.


gaming signage with 3d letters and led lighting which flashes

Solotel's venue in Chatswood Sydney Called "The Chelsea Hotel"

Signage is a necessary marketing expense for pubs, clubs and gaming venues. Your signage can also be an expensive asset and should be maintained in order to keep it in good working order. iSpace has extensive experience in installing, relocating and removing all types of signage.


Neon Signage at night looks increasing more attractive.

We can manage a roll out of your new signs, including scheduling, resourcing and installing signs across a number of locations. We can store them if required , and we test all our signage prior to installation. You will receive status updates so youre up to date with how your signage project is going evry step of the way.