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Custom Fabricated Halo glow Effect with Lettering.


We manufacture custom made fabricated letters with lighting to create a glow halo effect. These are for outdoor and indoor use.


lettering with a led halo glow

We manufacture custom letters with led's and neon inside to create a halo effect.

Led halo lighting is one of the most popular ways in which our led products are used. Halo lit individual letters and logos provide a subtle lighting effective which can be incorporated into many sign and display products.


fabricated metal letters with glow effect

Use led's to create cost effective halo lighting which is safer and easier to install.

This lighting works by projecting White or coloured lights onto a background- the fitting surface where your sign or display panel is mounted. This construction method allows neon lighting to be bent and formed into the tightest shapes possible.

glow under the letters with neon

White halo style lighting used inside the letters.

The image below is of what we call fabricated brass lettering. These are hollow on the inside and allow us to install led lighting to create a halo type of effect. The wiring of these signs is normally completely hidden inside the bulkhead. In this photo we have used white lighting to create a super effect.


brass lettering with halo glow effect

WeStainless Steel Signage with halo effect for Rolex.

All light sources have a minimum stand off distance. If you mount your halo lit lettering and logos too close to the fitting surface you will either reduce the size of the halo to virtually nil or you will start to see too many reflections. We recommend a mounting distance of around 75mm from fitting surface to led module.

stainless steel lettering with halo glow effect

We manufacture custom made stainless steel letters with a halo effect.

There are certain rules to this lighting- both led and neon. If you fail to adhere to these rules your halo lighting will suffer. What surface you use to reflect out your lighting has a direct impact on the halo result you will achieve.


interior lettering with glow effect under the letters

We manufacture custom made spray painted letters with a halo effect.

In general a standard led halo lighting system will not work on anything other than a completely matte surface. Glossy sign panels are not suitable nor are satin. Why? With high gloss or stain surface finishes you get too much reflection. For this light system you want a reflective effect which creates a gentle glow. High gloss panels reflect everything- even a mirror image of the modules fitted inside the sign installation.