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Choose from our wide range of business signage to suite your requirements.

Our team specialises in a wide variety of custom manufacturing processes to construct amazing signs in all types of ways to enhance your business.

Custom Made fabricated perspex lettering with a with detailed vinyl graphics applied to the faces. which illuminate white with opal acrylic faces.


Mirror polished Stainless Steel Signage fabricated with lighting under the second set of letters, known as double fabrication. The green logo was spray painted.


Stainless Steel fabricated Signs with a brushed effect to the letters. Under the stainless steel is an acrylic set which acrylic fabricated for a backward type glow.


Custom fabricated double sided circular light box sign with a coat of 2 pack paint for outdoor protection in green. Vinyl grphics applied to the faces.

Fabricated perspex lettering for RADO. The photo was taken in production phase of the project. The letters have led lighting inside.

This beautifully produced feature wall entrance office sign for AAP head office in Sydney. The letters appear floating off the wall surface. Spray painted in a gloss paint finish.

ispace is a leading slim line custom lightbox manufacture in Australia. This have magnetic stuck on faces to easily open the light boxes up to replace the graphic.


This gaming sign is set in a slim lightbox extrusion and has a perspex face which fits flush into the frame. The illuminated logo for the Vip are in a 10mm perspex with vinyl applied to the faces of the letters.

This illuminated signs is custom fabricated out of stainless steel and the face has digital printing applied to the opal acrylic to achieve the blend in the logo artwork.


This outdoor circular light box is double sided and has flashing led lighting involved in the creation. The bracket is welded to the lightbox creation.

This retail store signage project included a huge illuminated menu baord plus the logo on the right hand side as well as the slim veritcal illuminated sign with raised lettering.

Perfectly fabricated copper & brass aged letters on top of acrylic letters set inside a neat frame. The frame is a slim line 44mm extrusion which houses the led modules.

Single sided illuminated gaming sign which was 1200mm in diameter enhanced by small led lighting with flashing lights. All the details of the graphic were illuminated.

We experts in feature wall office signage. The letering was created from 18mm mdf spray painted in a polyurathane coated paint. The logo was raised off the wall slightly to cause a drop shadow.

Metal fabricated circular illuminated light box, this double sided sign was powder coated with the face allowing the letters to illuminate in a flesh coloured translucent vinyl.

Custom spray painted logo was produced to match the exact pms colours- made from 18mm mdf spray painted in a gloss paint finish. The wording "funds management" was in a stainless steel to add some elegance.

This 4 meter long light box sign has a double effect letter style, mixings metal brass fabricated letters with acrylic letters to achieve a brilliant upmarket result.

Illuminated internal fabricated metal lettering with led strip lighting inside - notice the inside of the letters on this sign area polished brass finish.

Custom fabricated metal signs with white opal faces. These letters were top mounted to a bar construction to create a floating type sign.

This brilliant creation the Google sign was produced in metal letters which appear to be floating in mid air. The letters are illuminated.

These 5 glass sign panels have digital prints mounted to the back of the glass. 25mm stainless steel bolts raise the panels off the wall slightly.

Fancy is sometimes what's required in order to stand out. This very impressive TV stand which involves various illumination features as custom biult for Samsung.

illuminated letters produced from acrylic with led lighting set inside the letters. See more about illuminted signs on this page.

Outdoor fully exposed under awning light box sign has real brass and pper aged letters on the face of the panel which was powder coated black.

illuminated back lit letters set inside stainless steel fabricated metal logo mounted on a neat stainless steel structure mounted to the window frame in a seamless manner.

This seven meter 200mm thick lightbox is single sided spanning across the entire shop front. With a combination of vinyl graphics and digital printing.

This Shop Sign spans across the entire store front from left to right. An aluminium welded structure was powder coated and the face is alupanel with vinyl graphics.

Real Brass engraved plaques with engraving and paint filling with 2 pack paint. The plaques are spray painted with a 2 pack clear automotive grade clear for protection.

This polished to a mirror chrome look stainless steel sign is 316 grade for outdoors. Under the stainless set are 20mm thick opal white acrylic letters which are illuminated.

This slim line lightbox was custom spray painted with copper automotive spray paint. The log has a cream translucent vinyl and the white letters are a raised 10mm opal perspex.

Internal slim Line Light Boxes can make a real feature inside an office environment. The faces of lightboxes are removeable as they attached with magnets so you can change the graphics frequently to re-fresh your environment.

This outdoor illuminated sign is a real custom creation. The circle style edges are a challenging design to fabricated. The wooden look back round is a digital printed look which appears as real timber. With raised fabricated logo in acrylic.

We produced loads of these types of circle light boxes as an addition to the main gaming signage to re-enforce the message. A combination of a circular sign with an under awnign sign has proved to bring amazing results.

This outdoor lightbox is truely unique with the letters being raised. We purposely choose to make the middle section have a blue lining to increase the awareness of the illuminated sign.

This massive pylon sign is located in Newington in Sydney. We incorporated identify signage for the bottle store & Gaming lounge into the creation to make it stand out along a busy road.

A clean white backround frame has all the wiring inside so the band name sits on a clean platform. Designed to illuminate the letters are made out of opal white perspex with vinyl applied to the faces.

A brillaint piece of internal illuminated signage for a world class brand. The letters are in a 3d manner with a gloss back round to the sign.

This feature wall sign is displayed in a retail store behind the counter. The 50mm thick fabricated metal letters cast a nice shaddow on the raw brick wall.

This outdoor Gaming sign was designed to fit into an existing welded frame with detail to keep the heritage look of the original signage.

Using a combiation of materials to create this unique sign mixig brass with spray painted stainless steel etters sitting on 2 spray painted boards with the tooth image digital printed.

We have created literally thousands of glass signs over the years. they are a firm favourite with 3d spray painted letters and stainless steel fixings on each corner.

This above the door entrance single sided lightbox has a digital print applied the opal face panel and flashing led lighting which run around the sign and are in a flashing sequence.

Rengraving and paint filling with 2 pack paint. The plaques are spray painted with a 2 pack clear automotive grade clear for protection.

This slim line lightbox was was used across the entire Gelatissomo franchise as a type of image branding. They are inter-changable and look simply wonderful.

This custom made slim line light box has 6mm raised opal letters in a push through style manner. The faces have a translucent blue.

Circular Gaming Vip Sign experts. This particular sign was designed so the led lights sit in the middle of the lightbox frame, something different with 3d raised letters.

Black and white is alsways a safe bet when it comes to branding your store front. The name of the store stands out ina very clean manner.

The back round board was spray painted in a matt polyurathane finish with 3d spray painted letters forming the branding with a slight drop shaddow.

Sky signs are a very permanent signage form. This sign was produced where the letters are out of a opal acrylic and mounted to alupanel back sheeting on a welded frame.

Outdoor business identity signage is a very crucial form of branding for all business types. This very upmarket creation was produced using 3d style metal logo with a slight floating effect.

Photographed while on you can see the back round of this sign creation was deigned so it's solid and the letters light up with a slight halo glow around them to create a upmarket effect.

Under awning light boxes are a very effective way for your business to stand out at night. To provide a full design, manufacture & installation service.

Linished matt stainless steel logo pin fixed into the wall to prevent vandalism of the signage. For a very upmarket result stainless steel stands the test of time.

This Vip lounge Gaming sign has flashers around the full perimeter of the sign. This was of the 16 sites complete for Solotel.

Large scale outdoor fabricated metal sign in stainless steel and spray painted in a blue gloss finish. The sign spans across 3 meters from left to right.

Hanging under awning lightbox powder coated in green with the faces produced using 3m translucent vinyl graphics applied to the faces.

Brushed Stainless Steel fabricated so the faces and the returns of the letters have a brushed finish. We can produce these in absolutely any size.

Neon Sign in 15mm ice white mounted to a transparent black acrylic panel for a very clean type of finished product.

This under awning lightbox was powder coated in a white gloss finish. The face panel was digitally printed to capture the detail of the logo.

A single sided slim light box with removable front face panel. Printed on special transparent paper to allow the light to shine bright.

We manufacture custom made Brushed Copper Signage in 3 dimensional manner. Capturing all the details perfectly. Whatever type of metal sign you require get in touch.

Stainless Steel letters in a 6mm thick material spray painted black. Having pins welded to the rear of each letter and installed into the brick wall to prevent vandalism.

Custom built counter signage which spans across the full wifth. Signage applied to the face of the counter which included 3d letteing and digital printing.

Outdoor gaming signage with flashing led lights around which can be controlled. This underawning lightbox has digital printing to the face panels.

Custom Fabricated Light Boxes for outdoors. The frames and mounting brackets can be powder coated to match any pms colour.

Ciruclar Light Box experts in single sided units manufactured to any size. The graphics can be made so the details are in a 3 dimensional manner.

Copper Lettering and Stainless Steel Lettering raised from the surface with black 10mm acrylic. This outdoor business sign was spray painted for long life protection from the elements.

Stainless Steel Fabricated objects with bottom pin style fixings. The letters appear to be floating in mid air. We have the ability to produce very complexed stainless steel signage accrding to your requirements.

Mirror polished brass engraved plaques to any size. The brass is engraved and paint filled with 2 pack automotive paint. The plaque is spray painted with a clear 2 pack pant for outdoor protection.

Solid Stainless Steel Signs for biulding addresses. We produce these in various thicknesses. Using mainly 316 marine grade Stainless Steel.

Neon Signs with 3d lettering on a box formation with the wiring all hidden away. We can produce these so they transportable inter-state.

Require outdoor Light Boxes anysize? We produce these with all types of lettering to create a brilliant image for your business.

With 20 years Experience in Neon Signage we are absolute experts in this field. We can produce very complexed items with fabricated letters or simple style neon.

Illuminated Menu Board of any size. We can produce these in a veriaty of thicknesses. Using T5 lighting or LED lighting. We can also design the graphics and print the item all in-house.

Want your businesses trading hours to be a feature ? We can illuminated entrance signs with flashing lighting if required. We rolled these signs into Solotel's Gaming venues to increase foot traffic.

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