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Aluminium Lettering  
Solid aluminium lettering, logos and shapes cut to suit your needs.


Aluminium is a lightweight, soft metallic alloy that is easily worked by routing, lazer cutting, filing and sanding. The surfaces of sheets are finished in a range of sophisticated textures and may also be colour anodised which affords the metal extra protection from oxidation. Aluminium can be linished or anodized. Aluminium lettering is just one of many lettering based services available to you.



1. Indoor and outdoor applications

2. Durable, weather resistant signage

3. Architectural applications

4. Shopping centres

5. Directional signage etc


With efficient, accurate aluminium cutting systems available 24/7 you can get hold of the aluminium lettering you need- no fuss no hassle. Our aluminium lettering service is guaranteed to give you the best value. When we give you a quote for any sort of aluminium cutting we back it with our price guarantee.




Letters and logos may be cut from ± 50 mm to ± 2500 mm in height depending on the capacity of the cutting machinery. Thicknesses of 2, 3, and 6 mm are suitable.Sheet sizes are 2460 x 1225 mm.




1. Glueing flat

2. Mounting off backgrounds on pins

3. Mounting off backgrounds on blocks


These letters are cut from 8mm thick aluminium plate. Clean precise cutting is a hallmark of our services. With our cold cutting technology your lettering projects are cut cleanly with no heat spots or burn marks. Intricate designs and small letter shapes which laser cutting can't manage are a standard part of our production service. Whilst most other suppliers of aluminium sign components limit you to relatively thin grades of aluminium with us there is no limit. Cold cutting lets you use any metal grade you like, even down to 0.6mm thick.


Finishes Besides the standard range of surface textures and anodised colours, aluminium letters may be spraypainted successfully or powder coated.

Where to use aluminium lettering.


Aluminium lettering is most often used when large letters are required. Solid aluminium sheet provides stability and strength to large cut letters and logos whilst keeping the overall weight to a minimum.


Three dimensional aluminium letters are also something we can help you with.


If you are looking for an material which combines some of the benefits of this material without the need for surface treatments have a look at our aluminium composite lettering.


If you need us to handle the wet spraying of your aluminium lettering and logos this is something we now offer as an in-house service. You can specify PMS colours, Pantone or standard colours without a price premium. Read more about our painted aluminium letters here.

Surface treatments.


Natural aluminium is supplied to us in sheet format in what is known as "mill finish". This is the natural finish of the metal once it leaves the smelting plant. Mill finish is NOT the satin Silver colour which most people assume it to be.


Mill finish aluminium is a bright Silver colour and has not been protected in anyway. The satin Silver finish most people assume to be mill finish is in fact anodised aluminium. Anodising creates the satin Silver colour and is the most common finish known to the sign trade, most sign frames and dual cases are supplied in anodised finish.


Aluminium is a non ferrous metal which means it won't rust. Apart from this raw aluminium should still be treated like steel- it needs a surface protection of some kind. Without protection mill finish surfaces oxidise from exposure to the air- this leaves a Back deposit on the metal. .


If you want us to paint your letter shapes standard mill finish aluminium is more than suitable. If you want a Silver anodised finish we offer this as a standard sheet option.

Other options for Silver metal lettering.


As we have already seen mill finish aluminium lettering cannot be used without a surface treatment. Cutting from anodised aluminium sheet stock is an easy way to get the smooth Silver finish you are looking for.

If you want a particular shade of colour then our in-house spray finishing is the best choice. We offer a full range of aluminium letters which will give you a lettering solution which is non ferrous and requires no surface treatments.


If you need fret cut aluminium sign trays we make these too- with all parts cut via water jet for the most accurate results.


Simply upload your design via our upload feature on this website or send the design you would like to be made into aluminium letters and we will get back to you with artwork specifications for you to sign off before we begin the manufacture stage of the order.



Lots of other aluminium options available.


Lettering is one small part of our aluminium services. You can also buy fret cut screens and grills for lighting, railing and other architectural and interior design projects.


The water jet system and the laser cutters we use cuts just about anything- all types of metal as well as stone, ceramics, rare composites and plastic based materials.


Have a look through out website and find the product which best matches your requirements.


What kind of sheet can you have?


As standard we use sheet with a purity of around 95-98% for the best possible results. This sheeting is bought in with a standard mill finish. However, we can machine anodised and powder coated sheets just as easily. Because we use cold cutting technology coated and treated sheets can be cut without burn damage or lifting- use a laser and this ability to cut pre treated panels isn't open to you.


Mill finish, anodised and coated aluminium machined into precise shapes.